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Contributing Gold Partner

A badge rewarding partners going the extra mile

We have introduced the "Contributing Partner" badge to shine a well-deserved light on the Gold Partners that go the extra mile for the continuing growth of the Umbraco open-source project and its community. Choosing a Gold Partner with this badge means that you're working with a close partner of ours who's actively helping us improve the software and/or helping us foster the open-source Umbraco community. 

Purpose - why do we have this badge?

With the purpose of rewarding and acknowledging Gold Partners that dedicate time, staff or otherwise contribute to the Umbraco project and the Umbraco community. 

Reward - what do the partners get? 

A Gold Partner agency is rewarded by Umbraco HQ with a “Contributing Partner” badge to be used on their own online media and the Umbraco Gold Partner page. 

Criteria - what it takes to earn this badge:

A Gold Partner which within the last two years has contributed significantly on one or more of the below-listed points:


  • The badge is awarded (renewed) for a one year period at a time starting June 1st and is announced in a blog post on
  • The badge comes with a year e.g. 2019 and reflects the work done the previous 12 months.
  • Only Gold Partners allocating “agency time” are eligible for the badge
  • Core PR and packages should be updated and be relevant for the current major version

Allowing and encouraging staff to contribute through

  • Making documentation
  • Core PR
  • Other Umbraco products or technologies relevant to Umbraco 
  • Packages
  • Tutorials/YT videos
  • Supporting current and potential future MVPs in your company
  • Other relevant contributions

Organising events e.g.:


Can I hire an MVP and automatically get the badge? 

Not necessarily. We encourage Gold Partners to offer full support to the MVPs in their staff so they can have a fulfilling and stress-free contribution experience. However, the badge is an indication of a high level of involvement during the last two years and finding a shortcut to meet one of the requirements will not automatically get you selected.  

Why has my company not been selected?

Umbraco HQ is automatically rewarding eligible Gold Partners with this badge. But we're aware that many things are happening in the community and there might be contributions that are not known to us. Should you find that your company or a Gold Partner is missing this badge on their profile based on the criteria listed above, please let us know

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