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Versioning and release cadendence

How often are Umbraco products released and how long are they supported

Umbraco CMS versioning and release cadence 

We want it to be safe and easy to use Umbraco CMS in Cloud and elsewhere. We are currently releasing small and frequent updates and additions on a fixed cadence every 6 weeks (minor releases) and make sure to fix bugs and release the bug fixes as soon as possible (patch releases).


We follow semantic versioning ( with Umbraco CMS and add-ons. This is to ensure predictability with each release enabling you to anticipate what a release contains by the number that is incremented.

Semantic versioning is a tried and tested industry standard for software versioning.





A version that includes breaking/incompatible API changes

A version where there's added functionality/features in a backward-compatible manner

A version that have backward-compatible bug fixes

Release Cadence

After the release of Umbraco 9 (ETA Q3 2021), we will be releasing a new major two times pr. year. This means that we will only introduce incompatible versions two times a year. We believe this is an appropriate cadence, as we want everyone to continually upgrade (and we are aware that work can be required) but also need this ability in order to advance the software in the best possible way, without creating technical debt.

We release minor versions of the CMS every 6 weeks. The aim of these releases is to bring new features, functionality, and improvements. They will not contain breaking changes. Two weeks prior to releasing minor versions a release candidate is made available for testing.

Patch versions are released as needed and mainly address regression issues (bugs in the latest minor) and in some cases security issues. Patches are announced on Thursdays with a release the following Tuesday.

Example of release schedule:



8.12 RC

25. February 2020


11. March 2021

8.13 RC

8. April 2021


22. April 2021

8.14 RC

20. May 2021


3. June 2021

8.15 RC

2. July 2021


15. July 2021

… and so on


We reserve the right to move dates around in order to avoid colliding with holidays etc. This will only happen rarely, and we’ll notify you on changes on the @umbracoproject Twitter account and we are going to continually keep the release progress page on Our Umbraco up to date with expectations.


When we need to remove something from i.e. the public API, we will release a minor version with the deprecation in it, and keep it around for the next major as well (so announced deprecation in 10.2.0 means it will no longer be available in 12.0.0).

Release cadence for Umbraco Forms and Umbraco Deploy

There is currently no set schedule for releasing majors and minors of the official add-ons, they are released when ready/needed.

Release cadence for Umbraco Cloud

When there is a new major or minor release of Umbraco CMS, Umbraco Forms and Umbraco Deploy these will be available day-and-date for new projects and there will be upgrade options available for existing projects in Umbraco Cloud. Patch releases are automatically applied to all Umbraco Cloud projects that are on the corresponding minor and will be rolled out on the day there're released. 

Long-term support and End-of-life strategy 

If you want to know how long we support various versions of Umbraco in and outside Umbraco Cloud, then go learn about our LTS & EOL strategy


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