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Architectural Advising

Get your project off to the best possible start

What is Architectural Advising?

Architectural Advising is guidance and recommendations for a client or an agency that plans on doing a new development project in Umbraco. It can also be an existing website which needs to undergo major changes in functionality where you would like our opinion on the architecture before you apply it.

Look at it like building a house. Having a plan and recommendations on best practice from experts is always a good place to start. Our developers will help you outline the plan - the blueprint for your project, making sure it is based on Umbraco best practice from the very beginning. A best practice foundation that will save you hours and hours on development which again will save you tons of money by making sure time is not wasted. Not to forget the added benefit of building on top of a solid foundation, ensuring that future development will become as smooth as possible. 

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We will help you with:

  • Evaluating plans for an upcoming project that has not yet started.
  • Answering questions about direct concerns on a planned project
  • We provide feedback on the proposed decisions and potential alternatives to consider.
  • We provide feedback in regards to other concerns that come to mind provided the information we’re given about the project.
  • We provide feedback about whether a feature is appropriate according to the client’s expectations.
  • Answering complex questions about using specific built-in features we provide, in an upcoming project (such as content variants, usage constraints of feature-xyz or permissions in the back office).

Architectural Advising doesn’t include:

  • Code review of implemented code (perhaps you need Code review for that?)
  • Review of an entire implementation with no agenda.
  • Review of a proposed project with very vague specifications or description.
  • Debugging of specific problems in an implementation, such as:
    • Performance bottlenecks/issues.
    • Optimization of existing code.
    • Bug fixing of a problem a client is experiencing.
  • Advice about third party packages not owned by Umbraco HQ.
  • Advice about writing custom code (such as implementing sections/apps/trees).

When do you want to use Architectural Advising?

In the development process where you encounter complex challenges and are in need of a roadmap with the most accurate path to get you as smoothly and successfully to the finish line - this is exactly where Architectural Advising will come in handy.

Does your plan include Architectural Advising? 

If you have an Umbraco Enterprise plan, then yes. If not, then have a look at the plans here and imagine the time and worry you’ll save by having senior developers from the Umbraco development team look and advise you on your Umbraco implementation.

If you're an Umbraco Partner, you can purchase access to Architectural Advising with your partner credits. 

How to schedule an Architectural Advising session?

To schedule an Architectural Advising, all you have to do is to reach out to our SWAT team who will kick off the process from there. Our goal will be to set up a meeting or provide a detailed report with our feedback and recommendations. As we need to ensure that we get you in touch with the right expert it may take up to 15 business days to complete the advising from the time the request is approved by our SWAT team.