Code Review

Let us take a look at your Umbraco code

What is Code Review?

Code Review is a service available to our Umbraco Partners and our clients on Umbraco Enterprise plans.

The Code Review (CR) feature is the process of reviewing existing code provided by you as a client. Code reviews are usually requested when you are experiencing issues with a specific part of their code or have concerns about something either performance, stability or security-wise.

The code review service does not cover getting a review on an entire codebase and does not mean that we will take your code and fix it. Code review means you get an Umbraco HQ senior developer to look through the specific parts where you have concerns. It also has certain requirements as to what you as the client has to provide Umbraco HQ with in order to get the most out of the review.

The result of this review will be given in comments and in a report that will state what we believe is breaking your functions or is causing possible disruptions.

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We will help you with:

  • Reviewing a specific piece (or specific pieces) of code based on an issue you are experiencing.
    • We provide feedback on our findings in the code (and possibly in related code)  that we conclude has a direct relation to the issue.
    • We may provide suggested solutions to the findings if we find that there are some obvious solutions that can be easily explained/implemented. This highly depends on the findings and complexity of the codebase and we do not guarantee this to be part of the service provided.
  • Reviewing a specific piece (or specific pieces) of code based on some concerns you have.
    • We provide feedback on our findings in the code (and possibly in related code)  that we agree or disagree could be the reason for concerns.
    • We may provide feedback on other findings in the code that we see during the review. This highly depends on the complexity of the codebase and the complexity of the concern we’re evaluating.

Code Review does not include: 

  • Review of an entire implementation (website).
  • Debugging of specific problems in an implementation, such as:
    • Performance bottlenecks/issues.
    • Optimization of existing code.
    • Bug fixing of a problem a client is experiencing.
  • Reviews related to third party packages not owned by Umbraco HQ.
  • Guidance or review on non-Umbraco related subjects and best practices for code
    • Questions about best practices in coding.
    • Questions about design patterns for coding.
    • Questions/reviews on integration with other software/systems where the focus is more about the other piece of software and not Umbraco itself.
    • Questions about other software/systems that are not owned by Umbraco HQ
  • Guidance or review on hosting that is not directly Umbraco related
    • Setup/configuration of Azure/AWS resources not directly related to Umbraco configuration.
    • Configuration of 3rd party plugins/extensions not owned by Umbraco HQ.
    • DNS and domain configuration in external services and/or best practices about this.

Does your plan include Code Review? 

If you have an Umbraco Enterprise plan, then yes. If not, then have a look at the plans here and imagine the time and worry you’ll save by having senior developers from Umbraco HQ look and advise you on your Umbraco code.

If you're an Umbraco Partner, you can purchase access to Architectural Advising with your partner credits. 


How to get Code Review?

To schedule a Code Review, you simply have to reach out to our SWAT team who will kick off the process from there. Our goal will be to provide a detailed report with our feedback and recommendations. As we need to ensure that we get the code reviewed by the right expert, it may take up to 20 business days to complete the review from the time the request is approved by our SWAT team.

Maybe it’s Architectural Advising you’re looking for? 

Architectural Advising is guidance and recommendations for a client or an agency that plans on doing a new development project in Umbraco. It can also be an existing website that needs to undergo major changes in functionality where you would like our opinion on the architecture before you apply it.