Support Tickets

Answers sent directly to your inbox.

It’s super simple to submit a support ticket: Sign in on and submit it through your registered support profile. After that, you just have to wait for a *ping*- sound as the answer will be sent straight to your personal inbox. This way you can calmly move on to other things knowing that we will get back to you.


How many Support Tickets can you submit

As an Umbraco Support customer, there’s no limit to how many support tickets you are allowed to submit. However, we only allow each support account one single active support ticket at the time. Additional tickets may be submitted at any time, but only one of them will apply to the support terms e.g. guaranteed response time/resolution time. We will handle your tickets chronologically unless others are considered of higher severity or if you have informed us of a preferred prioritisation.


A simple overview of all your support enquiries.

Want to keep track of all your support tickets? No problems. Our support management system gives you an overview of which requests are open and which have been resolved, so you know exactly what we have, and currently are, helping you out with. Simply sign in to your profile here and have a look.