Response Time on Umbraco Support

By response time we understand the time it takes us to react on a raised issue. Just like when you call the fire department. Their response time is from when you have called them till they have started the fire engine and are on their way to the fire. We guarantee that we react within the agreed time frame.

Examples of response time:

  • Umbraco Professional, Umbraco Enterprise: we guarantee a response time within 12 hours* for a raised issue. 
  • Gold Partners: we guarantee a response time within 24 hours* for a raised issue.
  • Custom Enterprise Agreement: we provide custom response time, based on your needs, including 24/7 support, for a raised issue of severity 1 and 2 only.

*The 12/24-hour response times apply to business days, so that weekends, holidays and announced closing days are not part of the elapsed time period.

Read more about the severity levels here.

Read more about our Resolution Time here.