Thursday, March 2, 2017

Codegarden 2017

What is Codegarden?

Codegarden is the name of the biggest Umbraco festival. The only Umbraco festival hosted by Umbraco HQ.


2017 will be our 13th annual festival and it will take place on the 7th-9th of June in Odense, Denmark - Umbraco HQ’s home turf. Like previous years, Codegarden is a festival packed with everything Umbraco:

  • Inspirational sessions by industry leaders, talented community superstars and Umbraco HQ.

  • Hands-on workshops to teach you how to do things better in Umbraco.

  • In-depth code demonstrations.

  • Interesting case studies; see how and why others have had success with Umbraco.

  • Umbraco sneak-peeks; be one of the first to know what’s coming.

  • Acclaimed keynote speakers.

  • And - of course - socialising with the world’s friendliest community.

Codegarden 2016

Codegarden 2016 attendies by Douglas Robar, Percipient Studios

All this makes Codegarden the perfect place for both hardcore, experienced Umbracians as well as newbies. Thus, whether you’re brand new at Codegarden or this is your 6th Codegarden, there’ll definitely be something new to learn, new people to meet and a new exciting (and perhaps slightly crazy) memory to be made. And the greatest thing about Codegarden - there’s ONE thing on everyone’s mind and lips; Umbraco. This makes it the perfect place for you to share your experience, your thoughts and your ideas with anyone you sit or stand next to during the three day festival.


Where to find information about Codegarden

The new Codegarden 2017 website is already up and running. Here you’ll be able to find information about the different sessions, speakers, workshop, Umbraco Awards, program etc. Everything that’s relevant to Codegarden. We’ll also make sure to keep you posted about relevant stuff here on the Umbraco blog as well as on our Codegarden Twitter and Facebook pages.


Stay tuned for more

The Codegarden website is up and running but everything is not completely done yet. As you might have noticed the colours are a bit dull (grey, white and black, hmmm) and the program is currently quite empty. We’re working on it and when we know more - you know more.


HOWEVER, when you visit the site you’ll also discover that by now we’ve already got 15 great speakers lined up. And, as well as practical info, we’ve also announced no less than 6 different conference themes, 3 free workshops and 1 exclusive Codegarden masterclass. On the website you’re also able to submit a project for the Umbraco Awards and get your hands on a ticket that’s currently €125 cheaper than the final list price.


The Codegarden website is definitely worth a visit!


Secure your ticket now and save money




As the graph above shows, the sooner you buy your ticket, the more money you save. And right now it’s as cheap as it gets, saving you €125 (approximately £105, $130 or 925 DKK). That’s about the same price as 1-2 nights at a hotel/BnB/Airbnb in Odense C. And as you probably know, booking things like flights, hotels and tickets early means saving a significant amount of money. So even though June seems ages away, it might be a good idea to already start planning your Codegarden adventure now.


And the sooner you book your ticket, the better we can organise the whole festival, making it as awesome as ever.


So go ahead and join us in the excitement, secure your ticket now and start counting the days till Codegarden 2017. We can’t wait to see you there!

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