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Codegarden 2019: the aftermath

... and a heartfelt thank you!

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Written by Kristina Liebute

And just like that, it’s done. Already 2 weeks since it’s done. Yes, Codegarden 2019, the biggest Umbraco community gathering in the universe, has ended in what seems an instant. A fabulous instant filled with top-notch sessions (from Umbraco 8, documentation, packages, grids and UX to innovation, accessibility and empathy in tech), the announcement of this year’s MVPs, Umbraco Awards, ferry ride, nail hammering, golden mime visiting and, of course, that infamous cherry on top - Umbraco Bingo. This is a tiny overview of what went down, but mostly it's a massive thank you to all who attended - you know how it goes by now - High-Five-You-Rock!

Record-breaking numbers and the biggest Codegarden yet

This year’s Codegarden saw a record-breaking number of attendees. More than 750 people from all corners of the world came together for 3 full days (plus the pre-party) of Umbraco extravaganza.

It was also fantastic to see so many first-time attendees join the event. So many, that we literally couldn’t fit them all on stage during the traditional Codegarden Photo Booth:

Plus, we announced this year’s Most Valuable People in the Umbraco community - 14, to be exact! And 32 MVPs got their honorable title renewed.

We also hosted the traditional Umbraco Awards where we awarded 10 best (the very best) Umbraco solutions developed over the past year.

More numbers? Codegarden 2019 had a busy schedule with 33 sessions led by 37 amazing speakers. Sessions about Umbraco 8, Umbraco Cloud and Headless, editor happiness, grids, performance, documentation, machine learning, packages, UX, unit testing and many more. And let’s not forget the Open Space Sessions during the last day of Codegarden ❤️

We were on water, we were dreaming

What else, besides the sessions, happened at Codegarden? In the mornings some Codegarden attendees met for a refreshing morning run.

Then we had the Dream Corner where attendees could share their Umbraco dreams. We also had the Mindful Corner were you could find some inner peace and be even more ready to embrace a day full of knowledge-packed sessions.

And when the official part of the conference ended, other shenanigans kicked off, such as good old table football, nail hammering or ferry ride around the Odense harbor:

When those post-Codegarden blues won’t leave you alone

You keep remembering all of those special Codearden moments, the new knowledge you gained, the friends you met, the laughter during Umbraco Bingo… Yeps, Codegarden blues is a thing. A Bluegarden, if you will 🙃

Luckily, we got something that can fix, or at least ease, those blues:

  1. You might have seen them already, but if not, check out the photos from all 3 days of Codegarden 2019. There’s also a few moments from the Umbraco Gold Partner Summit and Codegarden pre-party in a separate album. Dive in! P.S. Video recordings of the sessions are coming up soon! Stay tuned.

  2. Visit Twitter, follow hashtags #codegarden or #cg19, and see just how much buzz Codegarden 2019 created. We were positively overwhelmed by all the great feedback, here’s just a tiny sample of it all:

  1. The third and final thing that is guaranteed to cure your Codegarden 2019 blues is… Codegarden 2020! And at the moment you can secure an Early Bird ticket for only €600 A €150 save! 😉

    And with all those after-Codegarden emotions still rolling, the new knowledge being applied, now is simply the best time to convince your boss that you should join us for another round. Time flies, see you soon ✈️

From all of us here at Umbraco HQ… another thank you ❤️ There is no Codegarden without you, and we’re so grateful you joined us for 3 full days of Umbraco extravaganza. We cannot wait, and we hope to see most of you, next year on May 27th-29th in Odense, Denmark!


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