Thursday, June 20, 2019

Codegarden 2019: Your Stories

Clearly, we’re not the only ones suffering from Codegarden blues.

In order to celebrate all the Umbraconess our community has to offer, we decided to collect all of your Codegarden stories in one place. It’s truly amazing to see how many of you wanted to scribble down your thoughts and feelings and infinitze your experiences - H5YR! 🙌

Reading all these stories… WOW! In total we managed to find 3 videos and 19 blog posts, so whether you’re a visual person or more of a reader, there’s clearly some content that suits your taste.

Now go and enjoy some awesome Codegarden 2019 content:

umbraCoffe: round-ups

📺 Marcin Zajkowski and Callum Whyte, Day 1:

📺 Marcin Zajkowski and Callum Whyte, Day 2:

📺 Marcin Zajkowski and Callum Whyte, Wrap-Up:

The Friendly CMS

The CG19 roundups, tips, and takeaways

📑 Niels Christian Laursen, In Danish, Codegarden 2019 – H5YR” 

Vokseværk, In Danish, "5 fantastiske fund fra Umbraco Codegarden19"

📑 Jasmin Kraitiss, "We’ve been to Codegarden in Odense!"

📑 Mike Masey, "Codegarden 2019"

📑 Andrew, "
Tacos, bingo and headless CMS at Umbraco Codegarden '19"

📑 Paul Sterling, "Umbraco Codegarden 19 In Review"

📑 Simone Chiaretta, "Codegarden 19 and how I found a new family"

📑 Kat Dixon, "Codegarden 2019 - as a female front end developer and first-timer"

📑 Karl Tynan, "Codegarden 19 - Karl's review" 

📑 Elizabeth Gibbons, "Key insights from Codegarden 2019" 

The Reference, "Why we attended Codegarden"

Alan Mitchell, "Developers Assemble... at Codegarden 2019" 

📑 Carole Logan, "Carole Codegarden 2019"

Poornima Nayar, "I am an Umbraco MVP!"

📑 Matt Barlow, "Codegarden 2019 - takeaways from the biggest Umbraco conference"

📑 Hannah Scarffe: Umbraco Codegarden

📑 Paul and Matt: Moriyama at Codgarden 2019

📑 Nathan Woulfe: I went to Denmark and learned more about myself than expected

📑 Owain Williams: Codegarden 2019 Overdue Recap

📑 The Skrift Team: Keeping Codegarden Alive




Scribbles from HQ:

📑 5 First-Timers' Perspectives on Codegarden 2019

📑 Codegarden 2019: The Aftermath 

📑 The 2019 Umbraco Award Winners

📑 Umbraco MVPs 2019 Announced

📺 Session videoes from Codegarden 2019

H5YR to all of you for sharing your CG19 stories! 🙏

We hope you enjoyed reading and watching all of these Codegarden stories. Our community is what truly makes Umbraco and Codegarden magical, so thank you all so much ✨. If I’m missing any stories or blog posts, let me know and I’ll be able to add them to the list ASAP! 

And also, I hope to see you for Codegarden 2020 - If you're ready to join the ride, then grab your Early Bird tickets here for just €600.


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