Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hello Umbraco 7.7 !

While the star of the release will definitely be the new user management, what really shines through is how well we can all collaborate on Umbraco. Because it all started with a great Pull Request from Andy Butland from our Gold Partner, Zone, who introduced support for managing users in groups. Combined with dreams from a great blog post by Jeffrey Schoemaker from our Gold Partner, Perplex Marketing, we started working on turning both of these contributions into a whole new User Management section.



Beautiful User Management is now a thing

With the new user management features in v7.7, Umbraco is making it easier than ever before for large organisations to use Umbraco and there’s also lots of delightful details for everyone else:

  • A great new interface for managing users. The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve made working with Users as delightful as working with content. We’ve introduced a completely new User Experience for everything that has to do with users. And with everything we do, it’s as fast and logic to work with as it’s good looking.

  • New flow for inviting Users. There’s now a fast new way to invite users to Umbraco that also lets you set permissions as a part of the flow.

  • User Groups. You can - finally - manage permissions on group level. This includes sections, start nodes and default permissions. A user can be a member of as many groups you like.

  • Multiple Start Nodes. A feature that’ll really be appreciated is the one that will now let a user have multiple start nodes for both Content and Media.

  • More secure than ever. Beneath the beautiful surface is now an overhauled powerful security engine that ensures that Umbraco has never been more secure.

  • Much More. We’ve also got rid of our dependency on Gravatar, so the pretty avatars that make you recognise your colleagues are now stored as a part of your installations, we’ve added information about latest user activity on their profile and we’ve made it simple to enable and disable users.

More community contributions - best of Codegarden ‘17

While User Management alone could make this an awesome release, there’s even more. As part of our annual official Umbraco conference, Codegarden, we invite the most active people in the community to an “Umbraco Retreat” the weekend beforehand. This year the creativity and output was phenomenal and resulted in some great new features for Umbraco:

  • Content Templates (previously called Blueprints). Think of it as default content, where an editor can now select pre-defined content as a part of creating new Content Nodes. Super easy to use and support for all property editors - including 3rd party ones.

  • ISearchableTree. Much less technical than it sounds, it now enables search throughout sections from the main search bar. This means that your search - given you have the right permissions - now searches for content, media, types, etc all at once, making it super fast to navigate even large sites.

  • New Starter Kit. While it’s been demoed several times over the last year, the successor to Fanoe is finally here, showing you a best practice implementation to quickly get new Umbraco people up to speed as well as being a great baseline for demos of Umbraco.

  • Nested Content. The most popular package is now finally in the core - big thank you to the Umco (Collaboration between Umbraco devs, Matt Brailsford and Lee Kelleher) people for their contribution.

  • Scheduled health checks. Perform automated health checks on a schedule you like. Get an e-mail result or implement a Slack alert or any type of alert you can think of.


So really - what are you waiting for? Umbraco 7.7 is already available on Umbraco Cloud so any new project will already be getting you all of these goodies and if you’re already running on Umbraco Cloud you can upgrade your existing site with a single click.


As always, you can also download Umbraco 7.7 from Our and it’s also available on NuGet.


Woohoooo - and #h5yr to all the fantastic contributors!

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