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Let's talk business (At Codegarden 2022)

Innovation, scalability, agility, and composable DXP are the name of the game.

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Written by Shanice Dougan

As the CMS and digital solutions market focuses on innovation, scalability, agility, and certainly composable DXP solutions - it's only natural that you'll hear all about it at Codegarden. We're thrilled to welcome these fantastic thinkers and do-ers to the Codegarden stage this summer - will you be listening along?

The role of the CMS in the modern Composable DXP

Speaker: Thomas Eldblom, Digital Technologist, CTO & Partner @ Pentia

Thomas Eldblom

To be competitive in a fast-paced, cut-throat marketplace, you need to 'change your IT mindset or die'; a mindset where business objectives are front-and-center and where the platforms are composable and agile as opposed to monolithic and feature-driven. That's what seasoned speaker Thomas Eldblom will be exploring in this Codegarden session.

Expect discussion on how Composable DXP, Headless CMS, Content-as-a-Service, Cloud/PaaS/SaaS - all built with Umbraco - can create a modern digital architecture that can help a business deliver value.



Delve into the benefits of a highly composable stack and how it can keep up with emerging technologies without replatforming, and how you as a Umbraco Partner can fast-track your business into the headless space while delivering long-term digital strategies to your clients. 

Hear how Umbraco Tech Partner Uniform and Umbraco Heartcore combined can deliver competitive commerce offerings for composing fully-featured digital experiences.

Want to learn how to quickly move into the headless space with all the necessary SDKs and integrations to quickly compose MACH-based tech stacks? This one's for you!



Supercharging Digital Experiences with Umbraco Heartcore

Speaker: Christian Bennich, Global Director, Solution Engineering @ Uniform

Christian Bennich

Building a Composable DXP

Speaker: Paul Marden, Director @ Carbon Six Digital

Paul Marden

How can a composable DXP with Umbraco at the core deliver great business value?

In this session, Paul Marden will explore the state of the martech landscape, and what that means for building Umbraco solutions. and how that helps us understand the core components of a composable DXP. What's more, there will be lots of discussions and reviewing of some best-of-breed martech tools that integrate well with Umbraco, such as HubSpot and uMarketingSuite, and present a plan for how to achieve a best practice composable DXP with Umbraco at its core. And who better to present than Paul - who has been working with Umbraco for 14 years!



Let's talk transformational business! 

Hear from Steve Gale on CTI Digital's experience using a starter kit to deliver a series of marketing focussed Lead Generation campaign sites for real estate client Bruntwood, featuring actual live sites, feedback from the client, and key stats. 

  • What did they need the sites to do?
  • What did it give to make it a success?
  • How powerful were the integration capabilities?
  • How flexible were the interface and components?
  • Why did they choose Umbraco Cloud over regular Umbraco?

All of the answers lie in this upcoming Codegarden talk!



Using Umbraco Cloud & Starter Kit to accelerate your market proposition and speed to market 

Speaker: Steve Gale, Group Commercial Director @ CTI Digital

Steve Gale

Aardman x true; providing a globally renowned animation company with a scalable technology platform

Speaker: Matt Sutherland, Head of Technology @ true


Umbraco Gold Partner true Digital has once again partnered with OSCAR and BAFTA-winning animation studio Aardman to bring them an improved composable DXP solution on Umbraco-  that will scale over time and save on both admin effort and most certainly budget.

Join Matt Sutherland - plus a possible appearance from Aardman themselves - to discuss their experience in building the composable DXP site, and how it delivered to and beyond expectations.







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