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Product Update - May 1st 2020

It's a bit overdue - but here's the latest Product Update.

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Written by Jacob Midtgaard-Olesen

At Umbraco, we are still, for the most part, working remote. And while this presents new challenges for us as well as everyone else on the planet, we continue to push forward with the scheduled product initiatives. Here's a brief update: 

As always, stay up to date with our Roadmap on our website.

A few highlights from recent updates and upcoming initiatives:

  • New release: Umbraco 8.6.1 is the latest version of Umbraco. It contains a few improvements and bug fixes to 8.6. Find the release notes for Umbraco 8.6.1 here. Umbraco 8.6 is a great update for media usage tracking and Azure hosting performance, as mentioned in the 8.6 release blog post.

  • New release: Forms 8.4.1, 7.4.1. We continue to push out improvements for Umbraco Forms. This week we updated Forms with patch versions (8.4.1, 7.4.1) to fix a few issues from the minor release in March. You can find the release notes here.
    Work on Forms continues at Umbraco HQ and we expect to announce additional improvements in the near future.

  • On April 7th, we published a workaround to a potential data corruption issue in Umbraco 8. This issue is only detected when performing bulk operations on both media and content of more than 500 items in one operation. You can read more about the bug and the workaround here. The issue has been fixed and will be released as part of Umbraco 8.7.

  • We are continuing the work on the new block editor, which will make it easier for content editors to manage simple structure layouts (blocks) in combination with the content within the layout. You can read more about it in the previously accepted RFC.

  • Another big project that’s moving along according to the plan is the .NET Core upgrade for Umbraco CMS. With great collaboration from both community and partners, this project is making solid progress. Bjarke Berg, the man in charge of the project at Umbraco HQ, will keep you updated on the project - go check out his latest update on the .NET Core project here.

  • GraphQL for Umbraco Hearcore has moved to the “Now” section of our Roadmap. It is still too soon to set the ETA, but active development and testing of the new capabilities are currently being done.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out on product@umbraco.com with any questions, feedback or suggestions.

All the best


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