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Say hello to Spot On - a new Umbraco Gold Partner in Sweden

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Setting out to work on a large Umbraco project, Spot On realized that it was probably the perfect time to also become an Umbraco Gold Partner: “We want to be able to continue working with clients of a certain size and that is why we also need to be experts in the platform we deliver.” For us, it is fantastic to welcome aboard the golden club true ecommerce experts from Sweden! And Spot On is here to tell you more about their agency and friendship with Umbraco:

Who are we?

Spot On was founded by 4 enthusiastic guys who all had a lot of experience in e-commerce and .NET-platforms. After working together for a long time at the same company they decided to start their own agency in an effort to help clients even better and in a more personal way. That is how in 2011 Spot On agency was born!

Today, Spot On consists of about 35 employees, all with a keen interest in digital business. We have offices in Gothenburg and Jönköping, but work with customers all over the country. Many of our clients are oriented towards international markets, selling products and services worldwide. 

We also collaborate with our offshore team in India. Right now we have 12 friends down there who are closely linked to our projects, making sure we are always fully staffed.

Our journey with Umbraco

Umbraco became a part of our business because we wanted to broaden our selection of platforms. This enables us to always suggest the best choice for our customers. For us, Umbraco is a modern and easy-to-use platform. It gives our clients the opportunity to get started quickly and manage content in a simple way.

We also benefit a lot from Umbraco Cloud, as it gives us a chance to focus on developing a great solution rather than worrying about maintenance.

From a technical point of view, our developers say that Umbraco is easy to work with. All changes in design can be created easily and quickly, either through finished templates or through HTML/CSS. We are in full control and the result is immediately visible. We also like the Umbraco community - it feels very open and helpful!

We have worked with Umbraco for the past two years. We delivered “pure” CMS solutions but also integrated the platform with other systems such as Storm Commerce. We look forward to continuing to get to know the friendly CMS and its features even better.

We’re an Umbraco Gold Partner, because…

Developing a major solution for one of our clients, we realized that becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner was just the right time. We want to be able to continue working with clients of a certain size and that is why we also need to be experts in the platform we deliver.

Through our Gold Partner membership, we get access to all the latest Umbraco information and a direct line to Umbraco HQ support. In addition, we also believe and hope that potential clients who look into Umbraco to build their project, see it as an asset that there is another Umbraco Gold Partner to choose from in Sweden. 

Being a gold partner also gives us a chance to give back to the Umbraco community and share our wisdom and knowledge in a better way!

“Spot On is especially strong in ecommerce and they needed a more flexible CMS that allows them to integrate with various ecommerce platforms. At the same time, they see all the benefits that Umbraco Cloud has to offer and they have recently launched a big ecommerce project on Cloud together with one of our App Partners - Storm Commerce. I'm happy to see Spot On taking the next step by joining our Gold Partner Family. We have definitely added a great member.”

- Helle Kragelund, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ


Would you like to know more about the Swedish agency? Visit Spot On's Gold Partner page.

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