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Welcome to the club: DotControl becomes a Gold Partner

"Play around and experiment - that's how we quickly got to know Umbraco."

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It all started with a pull request that then turned into “love at first use”... Meet-and-greet our new Gold Partner, DotControl 🎉 DotControl’s Gold Partner journey started at Codegarden 2019 with confetti and champagne, and we hope to continue down this road with happy smiles, happy editors and happy solutions. What made them fall in love with Umbraco? Let them tell you:

Hi there! 

We're DotControl, a design and technology agency. We transform industries and shape brands by delivering digital products and experiences that create growth. 

When DotControl started in 2005, our founders had two clear visions: creating top-notch solutions and making clients happy. This vision is still the same and it is a driving force behind our work.

Currently, we have two offices in The Netherlands (Rotterdam and Heerlen) and one in Curacao (Willemstad), powered by a team of about 85 digital creatives, developers and growth hackers. We work collaboratively and in close co-creation with clients such as the National Geographic, Dura Vermeer, Talpa and DPG Media.

We are curious by nature and never take anything for granted. Based on data and research, we get to the bottom of our client's business, their ambitions, the market, and their target audience.

We are continuously looking at how we can shape technological innovations into creative and bold solutions. In the end, we create what we feel our clients, but most importantly, their clients, need — merging strategy, design, data and technology. 

How it all got started

Officially we only started working with Umbraco about two years ago, even though our first meeting with Umbraco was already back in 2011.

While playing around with the starter kit back then, we quickly concluded how incredibly user-friendly Umbraco is.

As we continued playing with the CMS, we discovered a small bug and sent in a pull request. And, to our amazement, it was merged pretty quickly. That was not what we were used to from other CMS platforms.

From then on, it was love at first use.

"We started using Umbraco because we wanted to enrich the content management experience for our clients. Moreover, our support queue has never been so empty since using Umbraco. Happy team, happy client, happy life. Now it's time to give back to the community as a Umbraco Gold partner." 

 - Mark Landman, Managing Director at DotControl 

Why we keep on coming back   

Play around and experiment.

That's how we quickly got to know Umbraco. It only took a few days to get everyone on board the Umbraco train. And it became our favourite CMS. 

Our design team got inspired by the creative freedom it gave them. Especially by the fact that they didn't have to worry that their ideas could not be implemented due to limitations of the CMS. There are no real design limitations in the CMS either.  

The developers were intrigued by the fact that they have 100% control over the HTML output, the CMS configuration and the great amount of Best of Breed extensions. On top of that, it’s very easy to deploy. Some of the biggest pluses from a development perspective also are: the quality of the documentation, supportive and active community, flexible and clean architecture, all the freedom we need when it comes to SEO.

Additionally, our support queues have never been this empty! It’s great to have friendly Umbraco support to help us tackle any technical challenges and quickly resolve our questions. 

In fact, we had a really good experience with the Umbraco support lately! We needed some help deciding on architecture, so we sent them a question expecting an answer somewhere in the next few days. Instead, we had a video call within 20 minutes where we thoroughly discussed the architecture of our next Umbraco project with one of the Umbraco developers.

In the end, every discipline from our team fell for Umbraco's charms. And our clients, they could not be happier. Umbraco gives them a hassle-free CMS and an intuitive editor's experience.

Go for gold! 

After expanding our Umbraco knowledge and working on several projects, we thought it was about time to join the family. Sharing our experiences and expertise with fellow Umbraco users and helping make the product even better.  

Like Umbraco, we are very much down to earth; we feel like we have the same perspective on usability and accessibility. That’s why working with Umbraco and the community just clicked.

So, when Helle Kragelund (Partner Friend Maker) visited our headquarters in Rotterdam and asked us to join, it was an offer we could not refuse!

"What a pleasure to welcome the whole DotControl team to the Gold Partner family! They are a fast-growing and dedicated Umbraco agency and also one of the 2019 Umbraco Award Winners. I'm sure we will see more great digital projects coming from DotControl, and I'm really looking forward to working closely with them for many years to come!”

- Helle Kragelund, Partner Friend Maker at Umbraco HQ


Want to get to know DotControl even better? Then visit DotControl's Gold Partner page.

And hey, if you'd like to join the family yourself, check out what it takes to become an Umbraco Gold Partner.

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