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Umbraco Awards 2023 now open for submissions

Celebrating the best work done with Umbraco!

Martin Wülser Larsen
Written by Martin Wülser

Submit and nominate the best Umbraco solutions and packages for the Umbraco Awards 2023 🏆 Submissions are now open and we look forward to seeing all the fantastic Umbraco projects that have been created since last year's Codegarden and the amazing packages available on the Marketplace!

Dates are set for Codegarden, the annual Umbraco developer conference,  running from June 14 - 16, 2023. Which means…

The Umbraco Awards show is back, bigger and better than ever in 2023! 🏆 

We want to see and celebrate the incredible work done with Umbraco, across the globe, reward partners and developers behind it all, and of course spread the inspiration to our 220,000+ strong Community and beyond.

You might already know what you want to submit or who you want to nominate. If that’s the case, head on over to Submit your nominations here. If you want a bit of background and learn more about what’s new this year read on 👇

What is the Umbraco Awards?

The Umbraco Awards is our way of giving credit where credit is due to the Umbraco ecosystem. In short, it’s a yearly celebration of all the greatest work done with Umbraco. This year we’ve expanded the Umbraco Awards show to include both the best solutions and the best packages. So you can look forward to a fantastic show for agencies, partners, package developers, the community, and everyone involved with Umbraco.

The winners in each of the categories will be handpicked by Umbraco experts from both the community and Umbraco HQ. As with previous years, there are separate juries for evaluating solutions and packages. The big difference is all the winners will be acknowledged in one big awesome award show!

But the recognition goes further than that. Not only do winners get a prestigious title and their very own Umbraco Award to display, but we also highlight the shining star of your innovation in Umbraco case studies, talks, and more ⭐

8 amazing award categories

These are the 8 categories for Umbraco solutions and packages:

  • Best Cloud Solution
  • Best Custom Solution
  • Best Editing Experience
  • Best Designed Site
  • Best Partner Solution
  • Best Green Solution
  • Jury’s Choice Award
  • Umbraco Package Awards

To read more about each category, head over to the Codegarden site.

How to submit your nominations

There are two ways to submit nominations for Umbraco Awards 2023:

Solutions built with Umbraco

For the solution categories, you submit your own work by filling out the submission form with all the details on why you deserve consideration for the prestigious award. This is one time where it is definitely OK to brag a bit. We want to celebrate you 🎉 Here are a few things to keep in mind:

You must demonstrate your solution in a video with a description of how you built it. Take the judges on a convincing, descriptive, and inspiring tour of what you’ve built. No pressure 😉

The fine print:

  • The solution submitter must be the creator of the work.
  • The solution you’re submitting must have been created since June 17, 2022 (just after Codegarden 2022).
  • Submissions are open to all - not just Codegarden attendees. That said, we hope to see you there (whether live or virtually) so we can recognize you properly!
  • Deadline for submission: April 14, 2023. 

For a bit of inspiration check out the winners from 2022 there are some truly fantastic submissions and deserved award recipients in each of the categories. 

Ready to become an award-winning Umbraco superstar? Submit your Umbraco solution now.

Packages built for Umbraco

Packages, the modules, and plugins that can enhance, extend and change the way Umbraco works, are a vital part of the Umbraco eco-system - and we want to recognize the best of these packages.

If you’ve been creating packages and think it’s top-class, used a new package for a recent project that’s blown your socks off, or have that one package that you use on every site you make, then let us know. What are you waiting for? Give those package authors a huge H5YR by filling in the form and letting us know your nomination.

The fine print:

  • Must function on any version of Umbraco that was released within the past 12 months (i.e. Umbraco 10 or later)
  • Must be listed on the Umbraco Marketplace
  • Can be closed source/commercial or open-source
  • Cannot be owned by Umbraco HQ
  • Any packages submitted that do not meet these criteria will not be considered. Nominations can be made by the package owners and collaborators themselves, or by any member of the community who has used the package.
  • Deadline for submission: April 14, 2023. 

Ready to nominate your own creation or favorite Umbraco Package? Submit the package nomination now

Looking forward to the show!

We, and all the jury members, are excited to see all the nominations come in and looking forward to celebrating all the amazing projects created with and for Umbraco.
We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the winners at the Award Show, live or online, tickets are available along with all the details on categories and how to submit nominations on the Codegarden site - we wish you the best of luck! 🙌


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