Umbraco acquires Plumber

Adding approval flows to the Umbraco product offering

Filip Bech
Written by Filip Bech

We are happy to announce that Umbraco has acquired the popular workflow extension Plumber.

By utilizing the great work of Nathan Woulfe, the creator of Plumber, Umbraco will be able to offer approval flows, a feature often requested by end clients.

We intend to make this feature available as an official commercial package, like we are doing with Umbraco Forms and to include it in the higher tiers of Umbraco Cloud.

Nathan will be joining the Umbraco development team where he will continue work on Plumber and other projects.

"For me, this is an exciting opportunity to spend more time working on products I love, with a team of incredibly talented people. For Plumber, it means stewardship, focus and support, which means a stronger offering and better outcomes for our users.”

The acquisition of Plumber addresses a request that is becoming more frequent among clients with more complex demands. Umbraco needs to be able to offer approval processes in order to cater to the clients in the market we are targeting. Whether to build an approval flow from scratch or rely on packages made by community members was the question. 

We wanted to bring Umbraco into a position where an approval flow is available as a more integrated part of Umbraco and is guaranteed to be maintained and compatible with the latest versions of the CMS. And we want to be able to provide support for customers of the product.

So the idea to acquire Plumber makes sense on many levels. It allows us to offer more features on top of the CMS to existing as well as new clients. And hiring Nathan means that we will have the knowledge required to maintain and continue the development of the product while maintaining the same focus on the core CMS as always.

While the commercial offering will change later this year,  we intend to continue having a limited free version available as is the case today.

Existing Plumber clients will be able to continue on existing terms and we will contact them directly about this in due time.

In the meantime, if you want to buy a Plumber license please reach out to the sales team on

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