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Larger sites with multiple editors need a more controlled approach to content management. Umbraco Workflow integrates seamlessly with the Umbraco backoffice to add multi-stage approval processes for content changes, allowing organizations to adopt a distributed publishing model with full confidence the right people are approving content updates prior to publishing.

Along with the workflow mechanism, Umbraco Workflow adds helpful dashboards for your editors, content expiration and reviews, and a fully-featured backoffice application, with detailed analytics, documentation, and configuration options.

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Content Approval Workflows for Umbraco

Umbraco Workflow is a  workflow engine for Umbraco CMS. It extends the out-of-the-box publishing model of Umbraco with a wide range of features that allow you to design the approval process to fit your organization and gives content managers, copywriters, and companies the ability to publish with confidence.

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Highly Customizable Workflow Engine

Umbraco Workflow is customizable on every level. From granular control on a specific item to multi-stage workflows for content types - it's all possible. Approval Groups gives flexible permissions that can be used to match organizational structure, content responsibility areas - or both. All you need to define and assign each step of the approval process.

Fully Integrated - Familiar yet new

You get a whole new set of tools. Adding Umbraco Workflow is not just a seamless process, it also integrates perfectly with the existing options in Umbraco CMS. Approving, rejecting, and scheduling workflows are natural additions to the existing toolbox. Visual dashboards and graphs give you an overview of workflow progress, timelines, and configuration.

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Umbraco Workflow Features and licensing

Umbraco Workflow comes with a long list of features. Many of them are available in the free version. For the full experience and support from Umbraco HQ a licensed version is available.

Feature List



Content Approval
Content Workflows
Scheduled Workflows
Reject Tasks at any Workflow Stage
Publish-only Workflows
Content Lock
Media Attachments
Track active Workflows
Workflow notifications
Offline approval
Content type workflows
Exclude content sections
Content Reviews
Content expiration
Reuse permissions
Content notifications
Content type review
Approval Groups
Max 5 groups Unlimited groups
Permission inheritance
Group membership inheritance


Extensive documentation is available for Umbraco Workflow. Learn how to install, configure, work with, and extend workflows and content reviews.

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Purchase a license for Umbraco Workflow to get full feature-set and support. Licenses are yearly subscriptions. Terms and conditions apply.

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Installing Umbraco Workflow is easy.
- you can get it straight from the Umbraco Marketplace and NuGet.

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The artist formerly known as Plumber

Umbraco Workflow is available for Umbraco 10+, but it has actually been around for quite some time as the popular Plumber package. In August we acquired Plumber to strengthen the Umbraco add-on portfolio with relevant features for existing as well as new clients. By bringing it in-house we can guarantee it is maintained and compatible with the latest versions of the CMS, and we are able to provide support for customers of the product.

While the introduction of Umbraco Workflow is the next step in Plumber’s evolution, it also means we hit a fork in the road. Plumber will continue to exist for Umbraco 8, 9 and 10, but won’t see any new features, and will only receive updates for security issues or significant bugs. 

All future efforts are focused on Umbraco Workflow, and given all the other benefits that come with the latest version of the CMS, we highly recommend upgrading.

As Umbraco 10 is an LTS version, we have made Umbraco Workflow available for this as well, so you can benefit from all the new features and improvements - and it's easy to upgrade from Plumber to Workflow.

Plumber licenses can be ordered here.


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Umbraco Workflow, and Plumber, licenses are available as yearly subscriptions on a per-domain basis: €2.500 /year.


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