The Umbraco Cloud Features:

Automated upgrades

In Umbraco Cloud, automatic upgrades mean you'll always have the latest features and necessary security fixes making your work simpler, worry-free and more delightful. We keep your sites up to date with the latest patch release of Umbraco CMS - automatically (such as 7.4.X).

For what is called minor upgrades (such as 7.X.0) and major upgrades (such as X.0.0), it is required to test the site in a second environment. When ready, you upgrade the live environment with a single click. Note that this requires that you have at least two environments. If you are on a starter plan, you can buy an extra environment for €20 / month.

Upgrades are tested on clones of real customer sites before being rolled out. Read all about the magic behind the automatic upgrades here.


ContentFlow saves you time and allows you to iterate faster. Now developers and editors can work in parallel, without the risk of version control.

We take care of deploying all your site updates, whether it’s new code, new content, or new media.

Developers can deploy from their local site to the Umbraco Cloud site, rollback to a previous version or even sync content down from Live.

Meanwhile, content editors can continually transfer their updates without ever needing to leave the beautiful Umbraco backoffice.


The fail-safe Baselines feature means you can reuse project components from a master site with one-click rather than repetitive setup. Save time (and sanity!) from the tedious tasks of project creation, whilst letting Baselines ensure consistency and quality across every new site created! Best of all, new features or updates will be rolled out across all sites automatically. Share the love! Read how the Danish Football Association and their clubs use Baselines here.

Unlimited storage and bandwidth

As our plans are fixed, you can predict with certainty how much you will pay each month. Unlimited storage and a flexible database model mean high-resolution media or spikes in traffic don’t mean a spike in cost. Of course, if you do have large amounts of media, please get in touch so we can show you the optimal way to manage it for the best results on your finished project!

Flexible environments 

On a Starter Plan we give you your Live site only, which you can connect to your local machine and off you go! Depending on your workflow, if you need an extra Development environment for testing or a Staging environment for content creation, our plans give you that flexibility. Adapt and change as needed, and only ever pay for what you use at each point of your project life cycle.

One plan per site

If you’re on a Starter or Pro plan, it’s as simple as that: one plan, one site. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to one site - you are of course welcome to buy as many plans as you need and we’ve even made sure that it’s easy for you to keep an overview of all your Umbraco Cloud sites in the Cloud Portal. With an Enterprise agreement we can offer you flexible amounts of sites, based on your specific needs.


Umbraco Cloud Support

No matter what Cloud plan you’re on, you are not left alone. From the very first time you log in to Umbraco Cloud, a smiling face will pop-up from the chat-box in the bottom right corner. They are our Umbraco Cloud Support Hero's - famous for being super helpful, knowledgeable and extremely friendly and their most honourable quest; making sure you have a great experience with Cloud. So don’t hold back - any Umbraco Cloud related questions and they’re there for you ❤️ (pssss - they are even there for you in your free trial period!)

Full Support (Pro & Enterprise)

Full support basically means that we are there for you regarding all Umbraco-related aspects, issues and questions throughout your project. In practise, this means that you are granted access to both our Umbraco Cloud Support Team as well as direct access to our Umbraco Core Support Team; a team ready to provide dedicated troubleshooting through our ticket service. This level of support is giving to all Professional and Enterprise Cloud projects; projects that are business critical, hence, in the need of full backing of the entire Umbraco HQ Support Team.

Architectural Advising (Enterprise only)

We believe it is cheaper, better and more fun to prevent a problem than to repair it. So if you're starting a new project and you could really use some advice, contact us to get an expert from Umbraco HQ to personally assist, make suggestions, problem solve and ensure best practice. Not only will the quality of your project benefit but you and your team get to learn from and collaborate with the best - how cool is that?! Learn more about Architectural Advising. 

Code Review (Enterprise only)

They say a problem shared is a problem halved, right? So if you encounter an issue that your team are struggling to resolve, contact us and we’ll review your code to add suggestions and insight of our own. A fresh pair of eyes may just save your team spending more time (and happiness!) on chasing their tails. Learn more about our Code Review

Umbraco Forms

Forms building should be easy so all Umbraco Cloud plans come with Umbraco Forms included and ready to use. Save money on development as your editors become empowered to create robust forms with no technical knowledge required. Whether it's a simple contact form or an advanced multi-step questionnaire that integrates with 3rd party services - it'll be a breeze and a huge saving to your project costs. Learn more about Umbraco Forms here.

Umbraco TV

With Umbraco you are never on your own. We've thrown in an Umbraco TV subscription so you get immediate access to online self-paced tutorials for training and troubleshooting. Let us help you get it right first time with best practices delivered directly from Umbraco HQ. New tutorials are continually added so Umbraco TV will always be a fresh and valuable teaching! Check out

Hyper Care - book a personal backup-team of experts (Enterprise only).

Need extra reassurance when you finally click the “Launch” button on that big, business critical project? With Hyper Care you’re able to book experts from Umbraco HQ to stand by, making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. If there’s an issue, we’ll be on it ASAP. Extend your team for the important launch - just in case - and be able to celebrate in style and afterwards, sleep like a baby. Hyper Care is exclusively offered to our Enterprise customers.

Guaranteed Uptime (Pro & Enterprise)

Umbraco Cloud uses the proven and solid foundation of Microsoft Azure to give your site’s the best of infrastructure, performance and security. Your sites have multiple safety nets so one point of failure does not see your site go down. See the technical infrastructure here. Plus, all Umbraco Cloud sites benefit from the highest standards of privacy and data security under which Azure is governed, and fall under the EU Data Protection Directive

Extra team members (free in Pro & Enterprise)

With a single-click invitation, you can quickly establish your team with flexible roles, permissions and project access. Perfect for managing your team, working with external contributors or giving clients access to review, test and provide feedback along the way!

The Umbraco Cloud portal allows your team to see progress unfolding real-time enabling true collaboration!

Guaranteed response time on Support (Pro and Enterprise)

With a guaranteed response time on support you’re sure that we will get back to you - you’re not left alone, no matter how big or small issue or question you might have. We guarantee that we’ll get back to you within 24-hours during business hours. However, our average response time is significantly lower, so you won’t have to wait long to hear from us. The guaranteed response time for Enterprise customers is significantly lower ranging from 2-8 hours based upon agreement, severity level and needs.

Loved by developers, used by thousands around the world!

One of the biggest benefits of using Umbraco is that we have the friendliest Open Source community on this planet. A community that's incredibly pro-active, extremely talented and helpful.

If you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, chances are that someone has already built it. And if you have a question, are looking for documentation or need friendly advise, go ahead and ask the Umbraco community on Our.

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