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Umbraco Product Update - July 2023

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Written by Rune Strand

July is in the books and as usual, it’s been a bit quiet compared to the hectic months around Codegarden. In part due to summer vacation season (in Denmark at least), but there are still quite a few things to update on as well as some new releases to look forward to - let’s take a look at the summer news around Umbraco products 🌞


  • New releases
    • Umbraco Commerce 
    • Patches for Umbraco Forms and Deploy
    • Security advisory and patches for Umbraco 10, 11, and 12
  • Upcoming releases
    • Umbraco 12.1 (release candidate available) 
    • Umbraco Forms 10.5 and 12.1 (release candidates available)
    • Umbraco UI Library 1.4
  • Roadmap Updates

New releases ✨

Umbraco Commerce 

It was mentioned in the last Product Update as well but it is a milestone to add an ecommerce product to our line-up and we’re thrilled with the reception so far. Umbraco Commerce is built for Umbraco 12 (also available for Umbraco 10 LTS) and has a bucket load of fantastic features straight out of the box and is of course highly extendable and customizable. 

Umbraco Commerce seamlessly integrates with Umbraco and comes with key features such as order management, sales and campaign tools, built-in analytics, third-party payment provider integration, customizable checkout flow, multi-market support, and communication features. The new add-on is continuously updated, with upcoming improvements including headless capabilities, shipping provider integration, and localization support.

Get the full story in the Umbraco Commerce release blog post.

Released on July 5, 2023

Security advisory and patches for Umbraco 10, 11, and 12

We have identified a high-severity security issue in Umbraco CMS versions 10, 11, and 12. This vulnerability could lead to gaining admin-level permissions in specific circumstances. We released patches for all affected versions and advise you to upgrade to the latest patch. The security issue is not publicly known. No action is required for Umbraco Cloud sites as they are not affected. More information on patch availability and workarounds can be found in the security advisory blog post.

Patches were released on Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Patches for Umbraco Forms and Deploy

Umbraco Forms 8, and Umbraco Deploy 4, 10, 11, and 12 received patch releases fixing a few issues that have been raised on the tracker or internally via Umbraco support.  For details, see the release notes for Forms and Deploy on the documentation website.

Released on Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Upcoming releases 💫

Umbraco 12.1 (Release candidate available)

The first minor for Umbraco 12 is just a week from its final release. Umbraco 12.1 is first and foremost a stability release containing numerous small tweaks and improvements, as well as a couple of features. The majority are community contributions, 39 out of 51 PRs to be exact.

Among the highlights is support for Compositions for Member Types. This is especially useful for sites with many Member Typis making it easier to reuse and maintain properties. You also get new PreRouting and PostRouting pipeline filters, performance enhancements and more. 

See the Umbraco 12.1 release notes for more information and the full list of features and fixes. 

Targeted for release on August 10, 2023

Umbraco Forms 12.1 and 10.5 (Release Candidates available)

New release candidates for Umbraco Forms have been released and are available for review.  You can look forward Prevalue Source Caching, accessibility Improvements, and a healthy list of smaller updates and fixes. More details in the release candidate blog post

Targeted for release on Tuesday, August 17, 2023

Umbraco UI Library 1.4 (release candidate is out)

The next minor version of the UI Library is on its way. The update will see fit to include a host of new features surrounding the look and feel of certain components as well as accessibility improvements. Some bugs have been fixed as well including better touchscreen support for the color picker components.

The full set of release notes are available on GitHub and the package can be found on npm tagged 1.4.0-rc.0 for the release candidate.

You can expect the final version to be released in September.

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Updates to the Roadmap 🛣️

A few new items have been added to the Product Roadmap for Umbraco Cloud and CMS:

New in “Next”

Enhanced Process Visibility for Umbraco Cloud

We’re improving the way we handle long-running operations. Whether your project is performing a plan upgrade, moving to dedicated resources, or performing upgrades within the platform, a new streamlined user experience guarantees a seamless operation where you are updated with relevant information from start to end.

Minimal hosting model for Umbraco CMS

With .NET 6 Microsoft introduced the minimal hosting model with fewer files and lines of code required to create an app. As they are now also using this approach for most examples and tutorials we want to align our project templates with this model, so that new Umbraco projects are created with the new hosting model.

Target release: Umbraco 13

… Until next time

A large part of the work we do is inspired by the feedback we get from you. If you find issues or have specific feature requests, you can find the issue trackers for our products on the Umbraco Github account.

If you have product feedback, you’re welcome to reach out to us at