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Webmind + Umbraco Education Programme 

How did Leon take manage an online format?

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A few weeks ago, we shared a blog post about the possibility of doing the Umbraco Education Programme online. Today we’re back with yet another success story, this time featuring Leon Lindeberg from Webmind. What did he think of the concept? And how did it go? Find out: 

Leon's Umbraco Education Programme Review

Here at Webmind, we really like Umbraco and have committed wholeheartedly to it in almost all of our production. This is why participating in the Umbraco Education Programme came naturally.

Spreading the Umbraco knowledge brings us a lot of value - the community grows and we get to meet future starts, who we hope to meet again one day ✨

Personally, I just really enjoy teaching from time to time, so it was a win-win situation 😊

So far, we have taught the Umbraco Fundamentals training five times at three different schools here in Gothenburg - and certified almost 120 students! 🎉👏🏼 

The most recent one took place this April and was the second time (well, this course anyway!). We taught 27 aspiring Web Developers at Yrgo and it stands out as we due to the circumstances had to do it online, something that we’ve never done before - but it went just as well! 

The Umbraco Education Programme embraces “learning by doing” as the students had to build a fully functional website with the Umbraco CMS.

Many of the students barely had any experience with a CMS before, but over two days we went through the workbook with corresponding slides carefully designed by Umbraco HQ. 

This made it easy for me as a teacher. I presented some technology or feature relevant to an exercise in the workbook, and they incrementally built a website using that knowledge - best way to learn! 

We worked on Umbraco Cloud and with a little help from HQ, all the students had a project up and running and ready to go before we even started. Amazing 🌩

I think it has been going great and so do the students. But let them tell you that themselves: 

“Getting to know the basics in Umbraco has been very fun and rewarding! Very good structure of the program with a lot of my own work. Leon has been a great teacher with his relaxed and educational way of teaching. I definitely want to continue to develop my knowledge in Umbraco and use it in future projects!” - Camilla Kylmänen Sjörén

“For two days we learned how to build a web page through the CMS tool Umbraco. Fun! I think the interface is clear to work with and both Leon and the workbook that we received have been a great help. In addition, it was cool  to code with Razor” - Terese Thulin

Overall, a big #H5YR and thanks for doing what you are doing!


120 students with a certification - wow! Thank you so much for your contribution Webmind and thank you, Leon, for sharing your story! A big and well deserved #H5YR! 🤩

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