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“Webmind has always been a part of the family - all due to their outstanding Umbraco skills and heartfelt dedication in the Swedish Umbraco community. With this natural step of entering the Gold Partner family, I am so thrilled to welcome Webmind officially!” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

About Webmind

Webmind is a full-service agency specializing in e-commerce and web solutions. Our agency was founded in Sweden 2004 and now has offices in Gothenburg, Örebro and Danish Læsø. In 2014 Webmind started using Umbraco to create exciting and creative web solutions for clients aiming to build strong and effective brands, seeking to increase business and making a powerful impact. And since 2018 we are very glad to call ourselves an Umbraco Gold partner here in Sweden. Since then we have been appointed an Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse and as we will mention more down below, we just love to create magical web with Umbraco! And for our hard work we were selected as one of few Gold Partner agencies worldwide to be awarded Contributing Gold Partner. This award is a receipt for all the hard work we put in but also for actively contributing to the development and improvement of Umbraco.

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We love our job

At Webmind we are very passionate about e-commerce and we do our very best to create extraordinary web solutions that meet our clients’ needs and requirements. We always strive to maximize the solutions we offer our clients and as a result of these efforts we have developed and launched Uccelerate together with our talented colleagues at Ucommerce. We have also developed the Igloo starter kit for Umbraco. We also do our best to provide for and maintain a creative atmosphere in the workplace, we want both employees and clients to feel included in the Webmind family. These are some of the e-commerce solutions and other sites that we have launched: Bliz, Symetri, Volvo Car Retail Solutions, Winefinder.se and Naviate.
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Awards and contributions

We love Umbraco and to bring the community together we host the annual Umbraco Sweden Festival, as well as most of the Umbraco Meetups in Sweden. We also hosted the first IRL Umbraco Cloud Developer Training. Everyone at the agency works very hard, we have two Umbraco Certified Masters and three Umbraco Certified Professionals. Members of the Webmind family have also been awarded two Umbraco MVP’s and three Ucommerce MVP’s. To spread our Umbraco knowledge Leon Lindeberg continues to certify students in Umbraco Fundamentals. Jens Josefsson was a speaker at the Umbraco Festival in Germany, and Linus Dahl was a speaker at the Umbraco Sweden Festival. Because of her hard work and dedication to grow the Swedish Umbraco community our very own Emma Trollpil, was featured as Umbraco’s uProfile in October 2018.
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  • Design
  • Digital strategy
  • Ecommerce
  • Integrations
  • Umbraco Cloud


  • B2B
  • Information technology
  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Telecommunication services


Södra Gubberogatan 8,
416 63 Göteborg, Sweden
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