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Welcome on board! The Valley becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Why did The Valley join the Gold family?

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With their eyes set on creating outstanding solutions and strong brand experiences, they decided that Umbraco and a Gold Partnership was to be a part of this journey. Today we’re introducing you to our newest family member, The Valley. What drove them to choose Umbraco? We’ll hand the mic over and let them tell you 🎤

Hi there - we are The Valley! 

The Valley has been around for 25 years and has proven to be a solid partner for our clients. You’ll find our wonderful office in Amsterdam where we host over 70 happy employees. As for our name, it relates to where the internet industry all started: Silicon Valley. 

Our mission is to build “Total Brands”, that is, to build strong brands that combine exposure and experience in order to create a strong chain of touchpoints that generate brand preference, loyalty and conversation.

The clients we have are established, (inter)national B2C and B2B brands across industries such as finance, service, FMCG, sports, industry, automotive, health and retail.

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Umbraco as our weapon of choice 

Our journey with Umbraco officially started in 2016.

We are always looking for best-in-class solutions for our customers. To create these we conducted an inventarisation of the wishes and needs of our clients and our development team. Our conclusion was that Umbraco would become our weapon of choice. 

A user-friendly CMS 

Some clients are looking for an open-source system, while other clients are looking for lower entry costs compared to some of the enterprise competitors. Umbraco is viable for both of these types of clients.

The fact that it is free is a very important selling point, but what we really hold in high regard is how friendly and easy it is to use, both for developers and end-users. 

Besides that, we have the dedicated Umbraco team working separately on developing and improving the product on a daily basis, which is very important to us as well.

The Valley Amsterdam November2017 39

Our reason for joining the Gold family 

We work for large international clients such as Renault, Royal IHC, Fokker and Nike, and the first things right principle is very important to us. 

The services, support and knowledgebase which are part of the Umbraco Gold Partnership help us in achieving this.  We need to have immediate access to the back office of Umbraco to solve complex solutions and to get assistance on implementing the best practices. 

By having this relationship we can offer better support to our clients and deliver best-in-class websites and solutions.

"It's a pleasure to welcome The Valley as our brand new Gold Partner.

They were already building award-winning Umbraco solutions and having them on board as a Gold Partner was something that was the logical next step to take together.

I look forward to working closely with them in the Netherlands"

- Arnold Visser, Partner Manager

Arnold Gold Partner


Would you like a friendly chat with our new family member? Visit The Valley's Gold Partner page.

And here is where you'll know more about what being an Umbraco Gold Partner actually entails.

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