Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Welcome to the club: Novicell UK becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Why hello there, we’re Novicell 😊

We are a full-service digital agency with more than 20 years of experience. Our services range within Digital Strategy, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence, Digital Design and Web Hosting.

We are more than 200 people now and still growing steadily. Our offices are located all over Europe: in Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Aarhus and London.

Umbraco Gold Partner Novicell UK

Of course, we are focused on having a healthy company when it comes to turnover, but the people are the most important to us. We believe that if people are happy in the company, they will perform well.

From day one Novicell has built websites. In the beginning we had our own CMS, that is, until Umbraco came along.

Us and Umbraco

We’ve got around 60 Umbraco developers. And today, even though we work with a few other CMSs, we do most of our projects with Umbraco.

We have exceptional expertise in custom building. For example, some of our built e-commerce solutions are even faster than Amazon, and that’s because they’re completely custom-made.

Anders Holt, CCO, Novicell UK

“When clients ask us what we suggest, we often end up suggesting Umbraco after having done a CMS analysis. We’ve moved a lot of clients from enterprise-scale CMSs to Umbraco. Often companies buy into the out-of-the-box dream which can be impossible to achieve anyway. With Umbraco you can build an as big and complex solution as you wish due to its scalability,” Anders Holt, CCO, Novicell UK

E-commerce systems are very important to us, because we can see that the requirement for them is massive. We currently have a few clients moving on from a well-known enterprise CMS to Umbraco, merely because they get a much better, custom-built as well as cheaper solution.

When you download Umbraco and start working with it, you have a white empty canvas, and you can start drawing on it whatever you want.

With Umbraco there’s no limitations, it’s all about building.

Umbraco Gold Partner Novicell UK

Us and the Golden Partnership

We have extensive experience with Umbraco, we know how good it is. Once we established ourselves on the UK branch, becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner was a natural next step for us.

It is an honor for us to see our name on Umbraco’s website. As a Gold Partner you also get access to newest Umbraco related news and updates, you get the first in line, so-to-speak.

Umbraco Gold Partner Novicell UK

The partnership also helps to make sure that our staff is educated, that our developers get certified.

One last thing, that’s really nice with Umbraco, is the culture. You go to events and see how the people in the community care about what they do. In Umbraco world there’s a bunch of friendly nerds discussing the tools they’ve made with Umbraco, you can see just how happy they are with the product. Whereas if you take a license based CMS and go to their events, you will see a different world.

Ultimately, we like the product and we like the long-lasting collaboration with Umbraco. We’re glad to continue walking that path as Gold Partner!

Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

“Novicell is highly experienced in Umbraco and has a substantial and proven track record. I love to see long-term Umbraco Gold Partners growing their business and expanding! It is therefore a great pleasure to welcome the UK branch - Novicell UK on board,” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ.

Have more questions about the benefits of being an Umbraco Gold Partner? 🤔 Get the answers.

You are also welcome to reach out to Novicell UK, if you’d like a friendly chat while having a cup of coffee ☕

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