Friday, March 9, 2018

Welcome to the squad: Arlanet from the Netherlands becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Why hello there. We’re Arlanet 😉

Well, to be more exact, we’re Arlanet Digital Engineers. The last two words really capture who we are - not a bunch of developers, but a club of highly skilled and experienced digital natives.

We’re building Umbraco solutions since 2005, so a long way. We became a certified solution provider in 2007, one of the first in the Netherlands. We actually flew to Copenhagen to get the certifications.

Back then we were 5 people, now we’re grown to 25. We’re a highly skilled team, from 25 people there are 22 developers (two of them Umbraco Masters!).

We’re proud to be actively involved and sponsor the DUUG (Dutch Umbraco User Group) community as well.

Umbraco Gold Partner ArlanetHello, we’re Arlanet!

We love Umbraco’s clean code

Back in 2005 everyone was building their own CMS… everyone made that mistake. We did so as well, but then we started looking for the best product out there to be at the core of our solutions.

We had a developer looking for a standard CMS and we came across Umbraco. We did a test with it, we liked it and we went on.

Within Umbraco, our focus is on innovative solutions and ecommerce. 13 years ago we started off building small websites, but now we use Umbraco for all kinds of solutions, even as a headless CMS to control different applications.

The Umbraco projects we have usually grow out to custom applications. Umbraco is so easy to “talk” to, to program in, that we usually end up with all kinds of APIs, custom made functionalities. For us, Digital Engineers, there’s almost no limit. And with Umbraco we can implement any ideas the client is asking for.

Paul de Metter, Owner, Arlanet

“When we were searching for a CMS, Umbraco stood out, because it was the first CMS that supplied really clean code and we Digital Engineers love clean code,” Paul de Metter, Owner, Arlanet

With Umbraco we are not stuck within the basic CMS - we can enhance the back end of the CMS to make it easier for the customer to work with, which is so different from other CMSs.

We also have several projects on Umbraco Cloud. Because of our partnership we now have even more possibilities with Umbraco Cloud. It’s very cool for our customers to have it all ready on the cloud, it takes a lot of maintenance off of our shoulders. At the moment we’re trying to move as much as possible solutions to Umbraco Cloud.

And now we’re a Gold Partner. Why?

We thought about the partnership for quite some time now. It has a lot to do with Umbraco taking a different strategy as a company. Now you see Umbraco growing as a business as well with a strong partnership program behind it.

Being Umbraco Gold Partner is also a really good distinction for us to make a mark in the market. We’re really committed to Umbraco, we’re really trying to build cloud first, which was very important part of the Umbraco Gold Partnership - that we can provide our clients with the cloud proposition.

Next to that we want to be more involved in Umbraco. We have more trust in the organization because it’s grown so much in the last few years - there’s a lot of new people who make the partnership a better fit for us. Exciting times ahead!

Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

"Arlanet has a lot of power and is great to present among our Gold Partner Family, as they have a proven skill set throughout many years of working with Umbraco - I can't hide my enthusiasm of seeing experienced agencies like Arlanet joining the network of Gold Partners!" Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

Want to know more about the perks of being an Umbraco Gold Partner? Head over here.

You can also reach out to Arlanet if you would like a chat.

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