Umbraco 4.10.0 released

Thursday, November 8, 2012 by Sebastiaan Janssen

Ladies and gentlemen. The moment you've been waiting for since CodeGarden 2012 has arrived.

Drumroll please.... : Umbraco 4.10.0 Final is here, TADA!!


A summary of the most important points out of the previous blog post (about the release candidate):

There's an awesome, mind boggling, list of changes for this version, including 71 bug fixes 34 of tem are community contributions, a large portion of which were submitted during the recent Hackathon the day before the Umbraco UK Festival.

Stéphane did an awesome job on the new request pipeline, he also managed to explain what he has done so that he's not the only one to understand it now, go read it here (it's human readable, not technical):

Shannon, after adding MVC to Umbraco (like a boss!) has made the most documentation ever made for any Umbraco release on the subject of the MVC bits in 4.10.0. He's also has done a few blog posts and Peter has written up a MVC primer on this blog.

Does that mean you can only use MVC or WebForms, but not both? No! You can actually use both, more choice for everybody (iz gooood).

Since the RC

What's new since we released the Release Candidate last week? Well basically nothing but bugfixes Thanks to every one of you out there who's been testing the RC we managed to fix 2 major bugs before the release and plenty of smaller annoyances!

One thing to note is that we now support Medium Trust fully again (we accidentally broke that in 4.9.0). To make sure we don't have any more accidents like that, we will always be developing the core of Umbraco with medium trust turned on. The release version will not be limited in any way, but we've developed everything under medium trust so it should just work on those medtrust-only hosters out there.

Work it

Needless to say, we are very happy to get this release out the door, it's been highly anticipated and we believe it's an awesomely solid new version of Umbraco. We hope you'll enjoy it too!
Go forth and download.

4 comment(s) for “Umbraco 4.10.0 released”

  1. Gravatar ImageHenri Toivonen Says:

    Great job guys! Looking forward to 6.0.

  2. Gravatar ImageAsbjørn Riis-Knudsen Says:

    Thanks! It is truly amazing what you have been able to achieve since Codegarden. Though 4.10 is not without its issues, it is perfectly usable - and a huge leap forward. I am looking forward to all the new features (like proper support for multilingual websites) in Umbraco 6, though ;)

  3. Gravatar ImageTed Says:

    Nice. We still get 4.9 when installing with WebMatrix though. Known issue?

  4. Gravatar ImageHartvig Says:

    @Ted: Unfortunately, it's Microsoft who controls which version that gets installed via Web Platform Installer (and WebMatrix) so even though we do everything we can it can take a few more days before they'll update :(

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