Can I try before I pay?

Yes, your first project on Umbraco Cloud comes with a free 14 day trial period.

Is it a special version of Umbraco that’s used?

No. It's the same as the latest version of Umbraco that you can download.

How do Automated Upgrades work?

We automatically upgrade to the latest patch version of Umbraco CMS (such as 7.4.x). For minor upgrades, you’ll get a button in the interface to decide if you want to move to that version (such as 7.5.0) when it comes. When we make a new patch version, we first run it through our test suite, then test it on 10 test-sites (which are copies of “real” customer sites that we’ve been given permission to use). When all that passes, we roll out the upgrade in batches of 100 to customer accounts.

Read more about upgrades here

Does leaving pending commits (dev to live) derail the process?

Pending commits won't stop the auto-upgrade.

Can I run my high traffic site on Umbraco Cloud?

Currently we have benchmarked a "well built" site with approximately 50,000 unique visitors per day (~1.5mm per month) that performs very well.

Can my site auto-scale or use dedicated worker resources?

Not currently, but something we’re investigating as a future feature.

How many resources (such as CPU, memory, storage and bandwidth) does each site have on Umbraco Cloud?

There is no cap on resources, but all projects share the same pool of resources. Usually a site has a low constant resource usage and there is plenty of room for a given site to spike for a period of time. In the case that a site is consuming an unusually high amount of resources, the service will begin to isolate the site so it does not adversely affect any other sites. The site in question may then experience lower performance. When we see sites continually in this state we will get in touch with the site owner to help guide them on fixing issues with the site or helping them find an appropriate environment for the site.

I want to run many different sites in a single instance to save on cost, can I do this?

We recommend one site (domain) per project. But of course, if you have sites that make sense to put together in a single project then that's fine too (for example, multi-language sites). The tradeoff is convenience (ease of managing) verses stability (remember that all sites in a project share resources and use the same app pool). So, if you use a single instance currently outside of Umbraco Cloud then using a single project within Umbraco Cloud should be fine. If that's not how you currently work, we don't recommend changing the setup until you're comfortable that it will work for you.

Can I choose which Azure Region my projects run in?

No. All services currently run in the Azure West Europe region.

Can I use all packages?

Most existing packages work on Umbraco Cloud and we’re constantly working on making support for more. Look for the “Works on Umbraco Cloud” badge on Our Umbraco.

Can I use custom .NET code?

Yes, you can make your Umbraco implementations just as you're used to, including custom .NET assemblies.

When does Umbraco get upgraded in the various projects?

We upgrade when we're very confident the release is solid.

Is it OK to do manual updates? For example if a project on 7.4.3 is updated locally to 7.4.4, can we commit back to dev?

Yes, that’s fine. In some cases you may want to upgrade sooner than the scheduled service upgrade or you may have a site we couldn't upgrade automatically for one reason or another.

What’s different about Umbraco Cloud than Azure Web Apps?

The main differences are that we provide a lot of extra functionality on top of the Azure hosting and that you don't have to worry about managing the hosting infrastructure. Features such as automatic updates, Baseline, Umbraco Latch and team collaboration are all included in Umbraco Cloud. It is an important goal for Umbraco to take as much manual labor out of setting up and managing websites, user control and hosting as possible in Umbraco Cloud.

How is my information backed up? Are there redundancies in place?

We are using the LRS plan, which you can read about in this document:

Your website is on 3 redundant disks and we use Premium Storage so all information is on SSD-disks, which increases performance.

Does the hosting include any 24-7 monitoring / DDoS protection?

Yes, we actively monitor the service at all times. The service as a whole, can detect when a particular site is experiencing extraordinary load and begins to isolate the site in question to leave resources available for other sites. The feature is designed specifically with DDoS in mind but also serves to isolate sites with misbehaving code. We recommend you always use a DNS level DDoS protection approach as a first line of defense.

More information on the Azure DDoS protection approach can be found here:

Can I run in multiple Azure Regions?


Is Umbraco Cloud able to support PCI or HIPAA applications?

Azure data centers are PCI compliant:

The service is 100% contained within the data center. There is currently no cloud provider HIPAA compliance. The Azure data center is ISO 27001 compliant which is a superset of HIPPA:

Can I move my site from Umbraco Cloud?

Of course. Umbraco Cloud uses the very same Umbraco version that you can download and use on your own. So if you decide that Umbraco Cloud isn’t right for you or your sites then you can clone your site, restore your data locally, and delete your Umbraco Cloud project. We’ll be sad to see you go, but also understand there is a huge variety in requirements so support and encourage you in choosing the best solution for your specific site needs.

Can I move my existing site to Umbraco Cloud?

Umbraco Cloud is best when used as the base for a new project. There is a specific way of working with Umbraco and Umbraco Cloud in order to take full-advantage of the service. That’s not to say you can’t migrate an existing site, only that some changes may be required in order for your site to fully work with Umbraco Cloud. For more information read our guide to moving an existing site, check out the documentation at:

Can we run Umbraco Cloud on-premise?

The infrastructure component of Umbraco Cloud is very large and not something that can easily be managed on premise. Thus, we don’t offer it - and trust us you don’t want to try!

Can I deploy to an on-premise site instead of running my live site on Umbraco Cloud?

Not currently, but it’s a frequent request and something we’ll be looking into.

Can I create baseline projects?

Yes, if you are using Umbraco Cloud Standard or Support plan. It is not an available option currently on the single environment plan.

How can I access the Kudu portal?

- Copy the Url from your site’s HTTPS Clone Url in the portal

- Using the Url without the actual repository name, the GUID part, open a new browser tab and login. Just the Url like

- You’ll see the Kudu site

Should we be concerned about the error in the Kudu console? “Not enough storage is available to process this command”

No, that's expected as the console doesn't have write access.

We use community packages with our current implementation, are they supported on Umbraco Cloud?

You can find the current packages that are supported on Umbraco Cloud here.

We are doing our best to test more packages so you can expect the list to grow. You can also test the package yourself (in fact, we love to hear what community packages work with Umbraco Cloud!), or contact the package creator to see if they have tried it on the Umbraco Cloud platform.

Is it possible to add my own custom DLL’s for extending the Umbraco Backoffice?

Yes, an Umbraco Cloud project is basically a normal Umbraco website where we give you multiple environments and easy deployment of code and content between these environments. It's really easy to get the site running locally (via git) which is the best way to add your own code (templates, cs files, packages, dll's and so forth).

Is it possible to add custom tables in addition to the Umbraco Cloud database?

Yes, you can create custom tables in the database. Simply navigate to the connection strings to the databases on the different environments under the menu item connection details in the settings menu.

Do I set the registrar to or

s1 should be used. Some providers can't handle just setting a CNAME, additionally your A record can be set to

Can I setup a load balanced Umbraco Cloud site?

Not currently.

I would love to use Websockets on my site, is this possible?

Yes it is! Websockets are enabled on all sites, old and new.

Does Umbraco Cloud include support?

Yes! We can help you when you need a hand setting up a deployment, configuring your site, or maybe fixing a little mistake. Umbraco Cloud has great documentation and quick how-to videos to help you get started fast and work efficiently. When you need support for your Umbraco work we have the Professional Plan with Support which includes the full Umbraco Support product.

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