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Digital transformation for the public sector

Umbraco offers a professionally-backed, open-source software empowering content editors to carry out content changes quickly and easily. Seamlessly integrate separate solutions and tools into one secure platform that will help you drive digital transformation for both your employees and your users.


A better experience for your team, your users, and you

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Empowered editors

Your users rely on your website for timely updates - so why not make it easier for your editors to do their job?

Umbraco's intuitive editing experience is simple to use and get started with, and packed with helpful tools and features like multilingual editing. Your developers and IT team can take a back seat, and let your editors do what they do best - on time. 


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Intuitive user journey

Create a comprehensible and frictionless digital experience for your users, without the heavy lifting. 

Easily set up a clear, consistent structure that translates to a neat and uncluttered navigation. Pair that with Umbraco's out-of-the-box search functionality and you've got yourself a web presence and online resource that your users will thank you for.

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Predictable costs

A secure and user-friendly integrated website shouldn't be a pain in the...budget. 

With no start-up fees and no license fees, get started on the right side of the budget. Plus, with our transparent pricing structure, you will always stay on top of costs and avoid any unpleasant surprises on your bills.

Real-world success stories


At peak, the primary website supported 173 million requests per day for incident updates, data, and safety information. Nine Umbraco sites were consolidated to share a single code base and content editing experience, reducing the cost of management, maintenance, and enhancements.


See all of our public sector case studies or discover public sector sites built on Umbraco at local, regional, national, and international levels. 


Web accessibility made easier

Like, workflow-ingrained easier.

The customizability of the Umbraco CMS lets you require WCAG and ADA must-haves for your editors - like alternative text on images, and the correct headers - plus lots of Web Accessibility Features that you get out-of-the-box. 

The Umbraco Accessibility Team takes things a step further in working to democratize the CMS and ensure that it too meets the highest standards of accessibility. 

After all, It’s part of our DNA to make a platform that’s accessible to all
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Integrations, but make it secure

Umbraco offers rich integration possibilities with a full API for both front and backend, allowing you to combine your custom tools and services into a single, secure Umbraco platform.

Whether it's a database, SSO/2FA, citizen engagement/request software, CRM, intranet portals and or even an on-premise legacy business system - you can compose the platform you need.

Get your external security tools and services in on it too, so you can keep up with industry security standards and regulations.

Download the free white paper on choosing the right CMS

How to choose the right CMS for digital transformation in public sector solutions? Break it down and conquer the task with this comprehensive white paper.

Download the free white paper

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“With Umbraco, editing the site is now fun instead of feeling like a chore.”

Erica Cuellar, Digital Marketing Associate at Room to Read

“The new website was a completely different experience for our content editors and people who use the backoffice. It’s simpler for them to go in and update the content without being dependent on developers to make changes.”

Alexandria Hefner, Multimedia Developer at Cherokee Nation


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A scalable solution that grows with you

Ever-changing regulations and new technologies mean you need an agile solution to ensure your users get the best and up-to-date experience. 

With a flexible and controllable editor experience - you're in control. 

Umbraco can be used as part of a Composable DXP, meaning that you can pick and choose the tools you need to build a singular experience platform for your users. 

Download our free Composable DXP vs. Monolithic Suites whitepaper for more on the best approach to your digital experience platform. 

Optimal implementation by those who know it best

To get the most secure implementation with all the best practices along the way, and make the most out of what Umbraco has to offer, why not choose an Umbraco Solution Partner?

Umbraco has a strong network of over 1500+ Partner agencies across 86 countries, and they're all Umbraco-approved - they know the CMS down to a T. 

Let us help match you with the perfect Partner agency, or browse our list of partners specializing in public sector solutions for yourself.

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Let's talk about what Umbraco can do for you

We're happy to help you out any way we can. Have a question that wasn't answered on this page - or need help finding the perfect partner agency to develop your new site?

After submitting your contact details, our experts will reach out to you to set up a time for an in-depth, 30-minute discovery call. 

During the call, we'll discuss your specific needs, any further questions you have, and how we can help you. 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Umbraco


Umbraco is used by over 731438 active websites worldwide and is used to build all sorts of projects - small and large, public and private.


The fastest and easiest way to try Umbraco is by taking a free 14-day Umbraco Cloud trial. All you need to do is fill out your name, email and choose a password - then we'll create a new project for you in just a few minutes. 

Alternatively you can always download the free open source version of Umbraco and set it up as a local copy or on your own hosting solution.


You can get a demo in 2 different ways:

  1. You can take a 14-day Umbraco Cloud trial, which will have you up-and-running in 5 minutes (no installation required).
  2. Book a live one-on-one demo of the CMS where you will get a walkthrough of the CMS or one of our SaaS products and ask any questions you might have. Find an upcoming webinar right here.

Umbraco is open source and free to install, setup and host for yourself.

If you want us to take care of hosting (and get the extra features) you can choose one of our SaaS products: Umbraco Cloud or Umbraco Heartcore. Pricing starts from €40/month.

If you need support or have any advanced needs for your project you can also get an Umbraco Support plan. Pricing starts from €6.000/year.


You can see the terms and conditions for the paid Umbraco plans here.

You can find the terms and conditions for our SaaS products (Cloud and Heartcore) here.