Umbraco Heartcore Pricing

A headless CMS - Friendly at its core


Per month

Recommended for:
Projects under development or low complexity solutions with low data transfer use.

1 user role

1 environment

1 language supported


Platform support (Chat)

Forum support

Friendly use data transfer up to 50 GB

50 GB media storage


Per month

Recommended for:
The development phase of more complex projects or smaller solutions with no need for support.


Per month

Recommended for:
Live projects of larger scale with needs for support and granular user access control.


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Flexible pricing

Recommended for:
Business critical, large scale projects, with high demands for support, availability and data transfer capabilities.

About Friendly use limits


What you get with Umbraco Heartcore

The Mini and Starter plans are meant for smaller live projects as well as projects that are in the development phase and thus doesn't transfer as much data as live projects typically will. We recommend that business critical solutions are built on the Professional and Enterprise tiers, as these have increased monitoring and availability SLAs as well as support, should the need arise. Below you will find more information of the individual features included in each plan.

Individual onboarding program

If you choose the Professional or Enterprise Umbraco Heartcore plan which both included extensive support from Umbraco HQ, you will be contacted and invited to take advantage of our official onboarding program. In the program, you will be guided through everything the plan offers and make sure you know how to use the benefits to their full extent. The onboarding program is your personal welcome to Umbraco Heartcore and the support included.

Dedicated Service Responsible

After you’ve chosen your Umbraco Heartcore plan and got officially onboarded, you’ll be all set to use our support channels. But should any issues or questions arise in regards to support or the support agreement itself, we got you covered. With the Professional and Enterprise plans you will be assigned a dedicated service responsible, which means that you will always have someone you can call or write an email to. Your very own friendly Umbraco buddy, if you will.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With the Umbraco Heartcore globally load balanced content delivery network you are guaranteed low latency no matter where in the world your content is displayed. Your content is hosted on a global and robust infrastructure that is able to handle load spikes and local outages, and it will always route traffic to the closest geographic region of the users.

On top of that you get an extra layer of security with advanced DDoS protection, rate limiting and a web application firewall. This results in a setup that is able to withstand both API-endpoint abuse, brute force attacks and DDoS attacks.

Platform support (chat)

No matter which plan you choose, you will always have acces to what we call platform support. This is to help you with platform issues that are not involving coding and development. This could be help on how to invite users into your projects, how to manage environments in the administration portal, questions regarding your plans etc.

The chat is available in the project administration portal when you are logged in to your Umbraco Heartcore account.

GraphQL API (coming soon)

With GraphQL you can build queries efficiently without under- or overfetching data. Get just the information you need on an always up to date, single endpoint API. On top of that, you get great performance and a lot of possibilities to optimize your solutions due to the freedom GraphQL provides.

GraphQL is coming to Umbraco Heartcore soon and you can follow the development progress on the roadmap.

Answers sent directly to your inbox

It’s super simple to submit a support ticket: Sign in on and submit it through your registered support profile. After that, you just have to wait for a *ping*- sound as the answer will be sent straight to your personal inbox - no need to keep pressing F5 or revisit your profile. This way you can calmly move on to other things knowing that we will get back to you.

Support response time SLA

With a support SLA you’re certain to not only get full support straight from Umbraco, but also that we will get back to you within the time specified in the SLA.

We guarantee that we’ll get back to you within 24-hours during business hours. However, our average response time is significantly lower, so you won’t have to wait long to hear from us. Response time for Umbraco Enterprise customers is usually 8 hours but is agreed upon based on needs.

Umbraco Forms - the simpler way to collect data

Whether you need a simple contact form in your solution or an advanced multi-step questionnaire, it'll be a breeze with Umbraco Forms. Umbraco Forms is an add-on that’s built into the Umbraco core which means that it will help you collect the data you need without having to move visitor data off your solution, compromise on design or worry about integration with 3rd party services. It’s a simpler, more streamlined and user friendly way to collect the data you need.

Forms are coming to Umbraco Heartcore soon and you can follow the progress on the roadmap here.


Webhooks allow you to set up triggers in Umbraco Heartcore that will send a POST request to a URL that you define. This allows you to set up solutions where the platforms you connect to Umbraco Heartcore are notified when content is saved or published, so they can react to what happens in the CMS.

User roles

User roles allow you to control who has access to what in a project. The first user role has access to everything, but with extra user roles and  granular permissions you can control exactly which type of access you want to give all other users.

In this way you can for example create a user role called “e-commerce editors” and set up permissions so that users with this role, can only edit and save content in your webshop.


You can add extra environments to your projects, which are basically clones of your live solution, that you can work with “behind the scenes”.

This allows you to have an environment exclusively for development, and another to run quality assurance and user experience tests on or simply have an environment where newly created content is waiting to be approved before being pushed to the live solution. The maximum number of environments is 3.


Umbraco Heartcore comes with great support for multilingual solutions and include a side-by-side editing mode, support for mandatory languages, support for publishing only the languages you select and other features to make it easy to work with multiple languages in Umbraco Heartcore.

Forum Support

When you are using Umbraco Heartcore and any other Umbraco products, you also become part of one of the worlds largest and friendliest developer communities. You will find Umbraco events and people all over the world and one thing that they tend to have in common is, that they are all super friendly and very helpful.

The fastest way to familiarize yourself with the community, is on the forum called Our Umbraco. This is also a great place to ask for advice, share ideas and pick up some nice tips on how to work with Umbraco.

Enterprise only: 24/7 Coverage and Issue Escalation

As an Umbraco Enterprise customer you get special treatment. Our best SLA, our highest priority and attention and you even get the ability to escalate an issue based on the level of its severity. Your Enterprise support plan will be build to fit your business' and sites’ specific needs and demands, so you can be sure that we’re here, fast, when you need us to be.


Preview API (Coming soon)

Allow editors to preview the content they are creating or updating to ensure that everything looks just right, on all the platforms in your solution. The preview API makes it easy to set up a preview version of each platform, so editors will never have to test anything live.

The Preview API is coming to Umbraco Heartcore soon and you can follow the development progress on the roadmap.

Enterprise Newscast

Exclusive Umbraco news delivered directly to you. The Enterprise Newscast is a twice a year hosted live webinar for our Enterprise clients to inform you about the latest Umbraco news and available benefits. We’ll give you exclusive updates from Umbraco HQ and let you in on any new initiatives that might be taking place. All so you’re better informed, all to make your life as our Enterprise client easier.