Uprofile 2020 Collage (2)

A year of stories: the uProfiles of 2020

Looking back at the amazing community members we've featured this year

Written by Ilham Boulghallat

As this year draws to a close, let's take a second to revisit the friendly and talented Umbracians featured on uProfile for their hard work and involvement in the community!

In a year defined by distance, it’s stories that keep us connected.

In this hard a year as any, it has been wonderful to share the stories of fellow Umbracians 🙌

We've met:

🌍 Folk from India, Greece, the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark

💪 Owners and founders, project managers, backend and frontend developers, developer managers and technical directors

♥ People with experience in Umbraco from 3 months to 13 years! 


Let’s hear it for our 2020 uProfilers!

Uprofile 2020 Collage (2)

uProfile is: “A boost of self-confidence”

For something different this year, we decided to ask these lovely people what THEY thought of uProfile, and what they got from being featured. Here's what we found:

Of the 8 people who responded, 6 said that they gained something out of taking part, and half said that they made new connections with other Umbracians! 🙌


“A boost of self-confidence.”

“A lot of my family, friends and work connections reached out based on the article.”

"...a good opportunity to write something and put it out there."


We learned that a couple of people added the blog post to their LinkedIn profile - a fantastic idea, and something we’ll start recommending to our new uProfilers.

There was also some great feedback on the formatting: to make uProfiles more interactive and include a discussion or comments section on the post. While this particular functionality for this isn't available yet, it's great to hear these ideas and see what's important to people. Ideas like this keep us on our toes, and point to how we can improve the program in future.

Another mentioned that this year it wasn’t quite the same, as people couldn’t interact and network with each other at Codegarden as they would usually do; but those doors will 'virtually' open again in Codegarden 2021 😉 

All in all, we're grateful for the feedback we've received - and more importantly for all the hard work of our 13 uProfilers! 🙌

Revisit the stories

Alice Puricica

Sharing her projects and insights with familiar faces in the community

Read Alice's story

Profile Picture 1

Ambitions for Core, sports cars and an XML sitemap generator

Read Alex's story

Jodi Olson Cropped

Certifications and client demos - all in 3 months of Umbraco

Read Jodi's story


Mia Elise Kro Copped

Public sector magic, and no more working on weekends

Read Mia's story


Uprofile April 2020 Sotiris Filippidis 3


Community packages, clay-like Umbraco and a lot of XSLT. 

Read Sotiris's story

Frans De Jong Cropped

The friendly Umbraco community and an 8 year journey from carpenter to business owner.

Read Frans's story

Shashiv Karnani Cropped

Sharing mutual knowledge in the community, and an MVP title in sights. 

Read Shaishav's story

Lee Kelleher Cropped

10x MVP titles, 13x years with Umbraco, and a great piece of advice: stay curious.

Read Lee's story

Alice Profile Pic

Recognising herself as a developer and her own ASCII sudoku.

Read Alice's story

Kamila Mielczarek Cropped

Frontend by day, illustrator by night; with some Star Trek thrown in.

Read Kamila's story

Fun Ride In Dubai (1)

Spreading the Umbraco word in India with his own development company

Read Madhu's story

Ingrid Van Beek Cropped


Making UX with Umbraco more (u)Personal

Read Ingrid's story

Uprofile Lauren Maguire (1)

Finding Umbraco in a time of need, advocating for Umbraco with local government.

Read Lauren's story



12 crazy months, and 13 wonderful people. Thank you and H5YR for sharing your stories with us! 🙌


As we look to a (hopefully) brighter new year, we look forward to welcoming more members of the community onto uProfile.

Do you know someone who deserves some spotlight on their Umbraco journey or the difference they make in the Umbraco community? Here's how to nominate a uProfile candidate for 2021! 


Happy new year and all the best for 2021, from everyone at UmbracoOur Umbraco Heart icon

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