Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Umbraco Product Update - November 19th 2019


  • New Releases
    • Umbraco 8.3
  • Upcoming Releases
    • Umbraco 8.4 Release Candidate
    • Umbraco Heartcore
  • Product Roadmap Updates
    • Project Unicore
    • Media Tracking

New Release: Umbraco 8.3

Last Tuesday (November 12th) we released version 8.3 of Umbraco CMS. It’s a small (minor) minor update that adds the ability to change the language culture on a variant. It also contains a couple of fixes for User Groups.

Read the full details and find out how to get your hands on this release in the
Umbraco 8.3 release blog post.

Upcoming Release: Umbraco 8.4 Release Candidate

We’re knee-deep in testing Umbraco 8.4 - following Hacktoberfest, there are so many goodies in here that I’m not even going to try to list them all. It contains more than half of the Hacktoberfest PRs that were accepted (357 in total) and also Data Type tracking, Property actions and much more. You can see all the features and fixes on the Our release page

We know that you might want to give this a test run and we would love the help and feedback, so we’re looking to get a Release Candidate out early next week, after the internal test round is done.

Release Date: Umbraco Headless Heartcore

Last week also saw the announcement of the release date and name for our new headless SaaS offering: Umbraco Heartcore. We’re very excited to see what you build with Heartcore and the wait for the official release is not long. Umbraco Heartcore is available on December 2nd 🎉

For the full scoop see the Umbraco Heartcore exclusive Product Update.

Updates to the Roadmap

No items have been moved around on the Roadmap in the previous two weeks - We have renamed one item, Headless -> Heartcore, and then there is progress on a few of the current items. As always, you can find the Product Roadmap on Umbraco.com 

First “up for grabs” on project Unicore

The path from .NET Framework to .NET Core has been mapped out in the first two Project Unicore Unicore RFCs and work is progressing. I’m happy to see that the first “up-for-grabs” task has been added to the Umbraco repository. Not only that, but the task has also been picked up, so we can safely say that community involvement in Project Unicore has started on an implementation level as well.

Big High 5 You Rock to
Søren Gregersen for having a go at it 🙌

You can see the issue under the project/net-core label on Github and this is also where you’ll find future up-for-grabs (psst...one more has been added this morning!). If you want to read up on the details of the project, see this previous Product Update that also contains links to the first two RFCs.

Media Tracking with paginated results

The MVP for media tracking is nearing its completion. Based on the proof of concept we’ve been doing some performance enhancements as well as implementing the UI for displaying references for a media item. 

We’ve also added pagination to references as there can potentially be a lot of them. This should help with both performance and give a better overview.

A final feature missing is allowing custom property editors to use the built-in media tracking, we want to ensure that this functionality is available for all the great packages out there, and then testing, lots of testing. 

Media Tracking is currently targeted for release in January 2020.


That’s it for this update...

A large part of the work we do is inspired by the feedback we get from you. For issues and specific feature request, you can find the issue trackers for our products on the Umbraco Github account.

If you have product feedback you’re welcome to reach out to us on product@umbraco.com, contribute to the RFCs and if you want to get personal, you can find me on Twitter (@hemraker).

… Until next time.

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