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H5YR to all uProfilers of 2019!

Did you read them all?

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Written by Milena Stijović

The Umbraco CMS community is one of a kind ❤️ Not only is it the friendliest community, but it also consists of some of the most dedicated and talented Umbracians 🙌 And this year, we’ve introduced you to 13 of these lovely people.

The year is coming to an end, and last week we got to publish the last uProfile of 2019. It’s with enormous joy and honour that we each month got to share a unique Umbraco story written by one of our many dedicated community members.

Each uProfiler has been asked more or less the same questions, but as you’ll discover in a minute, each of them has their own story to tell! 

Some of them are newbies, others are “seasoned” Umbracians, but each and every one of them has their own experiences, favourite moments and interests which all highlight different aspects of what it means to be a part of such a diverse community! 

We’re sending out our biggest SuperTak’s and H5YR to all 2019 uProfiles. 

Now, if you missed any of these, this is your chance to catch up, as we’ve collected them all for you. Happy reading 🕶

January 2019: Fedosja van der Lee

Maybe you've seen her talk at Codegarden, because if someone knows something about how to make your editor love you, it's Fedosja. But that's not even the full story... 

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February 2019: Neeta Natrajan

This woman does not only have a huge passion for sharing her love of Umbraco. She's also behind the first-ever Umbraco Navi Mumbai meetup group.

Unfold Neeta's story

March 2019: Joke Van Hamme

Joke is a firm believer in positive communication - no wonder she fits perfectly in the Umbraco community. Other than that, she's engaged in the Belgian Umbraco community, and she has a dream (that might have come true at this year's Codegarden) 

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April 2019: Pasang Tamang

Pasang’s love for Umbraco runs deep. Not only is he the man behind spreading the word about Umbraco in Nepal, but he also influenced his team!

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May 2019: Hendy Racher

With an MVP Award and over a decade's of experience with Umbraco, there's no way that we couldn't introduce you to Hendy. Now, you get to know him better: 

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June 2019: Rachel Breeze

Jumping out of a plane... Riding a horse underwater... Being an amazing Umbracian. Rachel has a lot of experience under her belt, and now you get to read all about it.

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July 2019: Sven Geusens

Meet Sven. He's a Programmer Analyst, Support Monkey, and… Code Ninja.

That's many titles, and now you'll get to see why 'A dedicated Umbracian' is also one of them. 

Unfold Sven's uProfile

August 2019: Søren Kirketerp Gregersen and Søren Kottal 

In August, we had the honour of introducing you to not only one, but two Sørens! 

What do they have in common? Well, apart from their name, they both have something very special sitting at their desks 🏆

Unfold the stories of 2 x Søren

September 2019: Arnold Visser

Arnold is the definition of an active and engaged community member, and this year he took the Umbraco Dutch Festival to the next level. What has he been working on? And what's the thing with all the stickers...? 

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October 2019: Anette Wold Ylenstrand

If you attended the Swedish Umbraco Festival you might have seen this friendly face, Anette. She's a quick learner and then she loves to show people how simple Umbraco really is. 

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November 2019: John Seto

Read the story about the man who managed to turn his hobby into his first paid Umbraco contract 👏🏼

Now, John does it for a living - and still, as his hobby ✨

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December 2019: Richard Ockerby

Last, but definitely not least, we have Richard! Living proof of that it doesn't matter how much experience you have with Umbraco - the only thing that matters is your passion 👏🏼

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12 awesome months - 13 wonderful stories - H5YR ❤💙

So how about 2020?

Well, we know our community is bursting with talented and dedicated people ready to share their Umbraco stories, so we will, of course, continue! 

Do you know someone who would be perfect as a uProfile (maybe even yourself 😉 )? Then go to Our and find a description of what it takes and how you're able to nominate a uProfile candidate who you think deserves to be given some spotlight due to their Umbraco journey or difference they make in the Umbraco community 🙌

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