Content is king! You know that and so do we

At Umbraco, we believe that content is king and that nothing should stand in the way of creating great content. That’s why we have built the Umbraco CMS to support your workflow, so you can spend more time creating content and less time on long and tedious processes.

But creating content is not enough - it also needs to be seen and shared. With Umbraco, it is simple to optimize your content for SEO best practices, while also being easy to share on Social Media with the right description and image to make it stand out.

And if you’re depending on 3rd party system and tools - you don’t have to give them up. Umbraco’s set-up means it’s possible to integrate with these in a seamless way so you can get a website that works the way you need it to.



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Editor workflow that fits you

We have worked hard to make an editing experience that fits your natural workflow. Once you’re in the zone and the creative juices are flowing, nothing should stand in your way or be overly complicated.

We call this; “Infinite Editing”. This is integrated workflows in the Backoffice that ensure that you and your team won’t get interrupted and can always stay focused on the context and the content you are creating. Create a page, add text through a WYSIWYG editor, upload and crop images perfectly for the page and write catchy SEO titles and descriptions - all without leaving the page you are working on.

Are you working on a multilingual website? Then Language variants got you covered as well. With the powerful side-by-side mode, you can edit two pieces of content at the same time, so the text you are translating is always visible in your screen and you won’t have to keep switching tabs when translating.

Intuitive workflows in Umbraco 8 backoffice

Preview before you ship to the world

Once you’re ready to publish, you never have to be scared of how it will look for your users - no matter the device they use. Does the content in the editor look like expected on the page? Are your images going to align properly on tablets? Will your headlines break down to multiple lines on smartphones? With the powerful preview feature, you’ll always be able to preview your content on multiple devices before publishing, so it looks great across all screens.

The unique Responsive Preview gives you previews of how your content will look on desktop and laptop screens as well as portrait and landscape view on tablets and mobiles.

Be confident when you press “Publish” and know you don’t have to spend time afterwards on fixing how it is presented on the page.

Integrate and extend Umbraco to fit your workflow

Is Umbraco going to be the center of your digital workflow or is it going to be part of a bigger suite of tools?

Either way, you’ll be able to have it your way.

At Umbraco, we strive to be a best of breed CMS and all that comes with it. But in a digital world, you often need more than one tool to get the job done. That’s why we won’t limit you in any way, but instead encourage you to integrate and extend Umbraco with any other best of breed 3rd party tools, extensions or packages that you need. So you just go ahead and integrate with your ecommerce, CRM, email system or whatever tool you need. Umbraco will work seamlessly with all your most important tools.

With a thoroughly documented API, your developers can integrate almost anything and make it work with Umbraco. And to make your life even easier, there’s a big selection of available apps, packages and extensions ready for you to use.

Be seen on Social Media and rank higher on Google

With a CMS that fits your workflow, you will be able to create more and better content. Once you’ve hit publish, it’s time to get your content seen and shared with the world.

In Umbraco it is easy for you to optimize your content, so your SEO needs are fulfilled, while also making it shareable on social media with fields to add Social Media OG Tags/Cards.

Umbraco has all the technical features for you to optimize your technical and on-page SEO, so you can get better rankings in the search engines. Fill out title tags and meta descriptions that are the proper length, add noindex and nofollow to your pages and avoid duplicate content with canonical tags. Did you change the URL of a page? No worries, the built-in redirect management will make sure to add a 301 redirect automatically and let you add more manually. Once your content is published and shared it is easy for your data team to add all their tracking scripts, so they can do data-driven marketing with the analytics tool they prefer to use.

The power behind Umbraco: The Umbraco ecosystem

Umbraco is a free-to-use Open Source CMS, which is powering more than 500,000 websites worldwide. But the product is never finished. Behind the CMS there is a growing company, Umbraco HQ, which have dedicated, talented and friendly people working every day to help you achieve your goals by making your life simpler and easier.

Every day we have developers working on improving the CMS, so it’s always evolving and up to market standards. And if you or your developers are ever in need of help, we have paid plans where we offer technical support to make sure you get the most out of your Umbraco website. Luckily we, Umbraco HQ, are not alone in making Umbraco better. With a talented community of over 200,000 developers, marketers and editors, there is a huge amount of people who help make Umbraco better as well by contributing with building awesome new packages and apps or doing pull requests.

And if you ever need help to make a project happen, you can reach out to one of our Umbraco Gold Partner Agencies. They have a close relationship with Umbraco HQ, tons of Umbraco experience and the highest possible Umbraco partner status, so you can be sure that you’re getting help from the very best of the best.

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Love is in the (Umbraco) Cloud

The smoothest way for your team to work with Umbraco

Do you work with a website that requires strict workflows for creating and approving content? Maybe you regularly have to publish new campaign sites, which needs to be built from scratch every time?

With Umbraco Cloud you get the Umbraco CMS, website hosting and last - but certainly not least - a bunch of powerful features, which can help remove complexity from your solution and your workflow.

With multiple environments hosted in the Cloud, you can always keep working on content and keep these updates separated from the codebase when deploying. Thanks to the Umbraco deploy engine you can say goodbye to being unable to work and publish changes while your developers are working.

And if you have strict deadlines on new campaign sites, you can leverage the Umbraco Cloud specific feature; Baselines to have new sites up in no time and have them ready to be launched on time.

What’s the best way to get started with Umbraco?

Does Umbraco sound something that you would love to use?

Then let’s keep the good vibes going!

Choosing a new CMS is not a simple task and is rarely a decision to be taken without involving your team. If you’re interested to know how to get started with Umbraco, we have shared a guide for you on how to take the next step.


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