Flexible CMS

Our main goal with Umbraco is to give you a platform where you have the freedom to do and manage things your way. Every project has different needs and requirements and instead of packing a system with options and buttons that may or may not be relevant for you, we’ve kept it neat and open.

Flexible cms

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Intuitive Editing Experience

How do you make sure your project stays alive, relevant and updated? Simply by making it a breeze for your content editor to work with it. Sounds obvious, right? But so many forget this very important aspect. We haven’t.

In Umbraco we’ve added features to help get the breeze going. This way you can be sure that your content - whether it’s text, photos or videos - gets updated frequently and gets presented exactly the way you’ve intended, no matter what device your visitors are on.

Umbraco Cloud - the Best Hosting for Your Umbraco Project

Every Umbraco project needs a place to live. We’ve built the most perfect place; Umbraco Cloud. Actually, your next project is already waiting for you on the Cloud as we’ve taken care of the entire set-up process for you. 2 minutes and you’ll be up and running - we even encourage you to take it for a free spin so you can really feel what difference Umbraco Cloud will make to you.

Love is in the Cloud

A Strong Umbraco Ecosystem

Umbraco is a tripod. Or a three-legged stool, if you like.

The point is, Umbraco is more than what meets the eye initially. It’s backed by a professional and highly skilled commercial company, an open source community of over 200,000 talented users and a dedicated partner system which all in all, make sure Umbraco stays up-to-date, sturdy and level - for you.

Bucket Loads of Friendly and Supportive Resources

Don’t worry - with Umbraco you’re never left on your own. We’ve got a helping hand ready for you whether you’re a newbie who’s trying to get your very first site up and running or a skilled Umbraco user who want to expand your skillset in order to take full advantage of all that Umbraco has to offer. Or even if you’re a company that requires professional and timely Umbraco support.

Umbraco Packages

Choose Between Best of Breed Instead of a Suite of Lock-Ins

At Umbraco we love making a fantastic CMS and an enjoyable Cloud platform as much as other specialist companies gets enthusiastic about their e-commerce, marketing tools or e-mail campaign platforms.

But we also know that there’s more to a great digital project than just a CMS. That’s why we’re thrilled that there’s more than 300 extensions available for you to use with Umbraco. So rather than being limited by a vendor who claims to be experts in everything, we give you the freedom to combine the expert tools that works perfectly for your site and your needs.

If you don't know Umbraco, here are some numbers behind the world's friendliest CMS

One of the biggest benefits of using Umbraco is that the community is incredibly pro-active, extremely friendly and helpful.

Chances are that if you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, someone has already built it. So it is very likely that you can get good and friendly advice from someone from the Umbraco community on Our- just ask.

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