Umbraco Features

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Content management features

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No-code content creation 

Publish news, images, campaigns, and any other type of content without writing any code. 

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Create drafts and schedule content

You can always return to your work as well as see your content being automatically published while you pick up the kids. 

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Multi-device preview mode

How does your webpage look and work on mobile, laptop, tablet? Make sure everything looks right everywhere before going live with the built-in preview mode.

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Versioning, rollback and audit trail

Don’t worry, content is never lost in Umbraco. Should you ever encounter the need to undo something, you can always roll back to a previous version of the content. 

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Customizable workflow

Intuitive, fast, and enjoyable content editing is only possible if the structure of the CMS supports the exact tasks you need to solve.

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WYSIWYG editor

“What you see is what you get” - get a 1:1 feel of how precisely the content you’re editing in the backoffice will look when you go live.

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Structured Media Library

Keep track and overview of all your images, PDFs, GIFs, videos, and other media in the customizable Umbraco Media Library.

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Auto-cropping for images

Make sure your images look great no matter the format of the blog page, the social media posting, the header...

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Multilingual content editing

Manage multiple languages in one solution without breaking a sweat.

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Web design features

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Customizable templates

Control how content will look and work on different pages by setting up templates.

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Pre-built themes

No need to start from scratch - base your website on pre-built themes and get up and running faster. 

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Mobile friendly

Be confident that your content looks great on mobile. 

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Control your markup

Make your website or digital project look exactly as you envisioned with complete freedom of HTML, CSS and Javascript

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Global elements

Save and reuse your best elements for multiple pages and get up and running in no time.

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Custom fonts & colors

Make sure that everything on your website is and stays on-brand.

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Integrations and extensibility features

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Open APIs

Umbraco is fully customizable and highly extendable through open API layers for both the backoffice and frontend.

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Big ecosystem of extensions

The Umbraco ecosystem consists of open source initiatives as well as commercial offerings providing hundreds of extensions to make life as an editor or developer easier.

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Tailor the editor experience

No two Umbraco installations are the same. Why? Because no two clients are the same! Umbraco provides a long list of built-in features and extension points that can be used to provide a customized content management experience.

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Umbraco allows you to integrate with any type of software or service you need in order to create, enrich and manage content in the most efficient way.

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eCommerce in Umbraco is a choice, not something we dictate. You might already have a shop solution or CRM and you should be free to use whatever works best for you. We’ve made sure that it’s easy to integrate with Umbraco and that there are a variety of great options to pick from if you’re starting from scratch. 

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Umbraco provides solid and efficient GraphQL capabilities and allows you to create your own GraphQL implementation to ensure it fits the requirements for a project.

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Performance features

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Clean code

Umbraco is aligned with the underlying framework, meaning that most of the conventions and patterns you know and love from ASP.NET Core are also the recommended way of doing things in Umbraco projects.

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Razor templating

Umbraco lets you build beautiful sites with any frontend technology you like. We do offer a state-of-the-art rendering engine out-of-the-box based on MVC and Razor, including all the helper methods needed for querying content, working with media, and much more.

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Built-in caching

Umbraco’s built-in caching layer ensures efficient content retrieval with minimum database interaction. This is all to ensure fast sites with excellent resource management. 

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Powerful search

Umbraco comes with its own powerful search engine that can be easily implemented and customised to any search requirements.

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MVC based architecture

Umbraco is an MVC application that ensures separation of concern and can be a help in producing structured and maintainable code and solutions. If you are familiar with .NET MVC, you’ll be right at home with Umbraco.

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Solution Health-check

Knowing that your Umbraco solution is running optimally can provide peace-of-mind, that’s why Umbraco offers a suite of Health Checks to verify everything’s ready for launch or help identify potential issues.

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Security features

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More eyes on the code

We have nothing to hide! Being open-source means that the source code is open to all who are interested. And this is to everyone’s advantage! Along with regular audits, both internal and external, it means we get more eyes on the code and any concerns or suspicions can be immediately verified and addressed.

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Password security

Umbraco provides state-of-the-art password handling and security. Everything is hashed correctly, there are workflows for inviting new users, resetting passwords, and you can even configure the rules to the exact needs of an organization.

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Inactivity triggered log-out

As a default security setting, any user who is inactive for 20 minutes will automatically be logged out. This can be configured to any setting you would need to comply with the policy.

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Security Health-check

Umbraco comes with a Security Health Check that can be run directly from the backoffice and helps ensure your installation is protected against common threats and configured correctly.

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Support for HTTPS

Umbraco provides HTTPS support out-of-the-box and if you’re using any of our SaaS products on Umbraco Cloud, you get free and automatically renewed HTTPS certificates. 

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OAuth and custom OAuth

OAuth is an open standard for access delegation, commonly used as a way for internet users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites but without giving them the passwords. With Umbraco, you can implement OAuth - including custom providers such as Azure Active Directory.

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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

You can protect your Umbraco installations with 2FA using a wide variety of 2FA providers such as Google, Microsoft, Okta, and many more.

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Single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is good for security and can be a great productivity booster. Umbraco supports adding SSO with many popular providers and on Umbraco Cloud, you get it right out of the box.

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Regular penetration tests

We conduct regular penetration testing and audits on both Umbraco CMS and our SaaS offerings.

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Handling security breaches

We have a clear plan for handling security breaches. This plan ensures that the security breach is handled with care, fixed, and communicated properly to our users and customers. 

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Customizable user roles

Set up and control different user roles within your Umbraco project. This makes it possible for you to have your entire team working on the project without everyone having access to everything. 

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Member management

If you need sign-up and login capabilities for external users (visitors) to your Umbraco installation, Member Management allows you to control access level to content, design permission policies, and customize what data is stored for a member.

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Marketing features

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an ever-evolving field and with Umbraco’s flexibility, you can ever-evolve your content to perform well and can expand and update these capabilities as the requirements change.

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Social media

There’s nothing better than seeing your quality content getting shared on social media. Umbraco offers plenty of tools to allow for full control over shared content or set it up to be completely automated.

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Marketing automation

You can implement all of your best-of-breed tools to help you get the most out of your website with marketing automation. With open APIs, it’s always possible to integrate with Umbraco.

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Umbraco allows you to add the level of personalization needed for your content and strategy. Whether it’s language or location-based, tied to login functionality, or dependent on a third-party tool - Umbraco won’t get in your way.

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Powerful search engine

Umbraco comes with its own powerful search engine that can easily be implemented and customized to any search requirements.

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No-code form builder

Umbraco Forms allows you to build everything from a simple contact form to complex multi-page questionnaires without writing a single line of code.

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Open Source features

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Open-source software is the pinnacle of transparency and helps build trust. There's no hidden functionality, data mining, or issues swept under the rug. You can see exactly what’s coming up and what has happened in the past.

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MIT License

The Umbraco CMS is open-source under the MIT license, which basically means that the Umbraco source code is available for everyone to use. 

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Own your data

Open source also means that anything you build in Umbraco is yours - and yours alone. Your content? Yours. Code? Yours. Data? You guessed it; yours.

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Community-driven improvements

We have a strong and active developer community of over 221,000 people worldwide who use Umbraco on a regular basis and share their expertise and provide contributions on our forum, Github, and other places. 

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You can contribute

There are many ways to contribute to Umbraco. You can submit code Pull Requests (PR’s) to the CMS with everything from small fixes to large features, help out with documentation, raise issues, join one of the community teams, help out on the forum, and much more. 

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Transparent product roadmap

In the spirit of open-source, Umbraco is also open about what we’re working on. You can follow along on Github, view larger projects on our Product Roadmap, and read frequent bi-weekly Product Updates on the blog.

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Web accessibility features

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WCAG Compliant

You can build your Umbraco projects to comply with Level A, AA, or AAA standards. This flexibility and compliance level are evident by the widespread usage of Umbraco in the public sector.

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Customizable workflows

Umbraco offers customizable workflows for editors, admins, and developers alike. Full flexibility for everything from publishing workflows to sign-up experience. 

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Accessible for developers and editors

Umbraco backoffice user interface complies with WCAG 2.0 Level AA and anything that doesn’t is viewed as a bug and will be patched/improved to adhere to industry standards.

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Structured headers & tables

Having a structured and organized mark-up is as important for accessibility as it is for SEO and Umbraco facilitates this.

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Image ALT text

You can add an ALT text to any image that you upload to Umbraco Media Library to ensure accessibility - no matter how you add it to the page.

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Control over all colors

Color contrast is important for accessibility and Umbraco provides tools to help make your site friendly for everyone.

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Blogging features

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Blog feed

Create a blog section in Umbraco that will house all your articles with the possibility to feed them to other pages through the ''latest from feed'' widget, and help you share your content in a nice way on social media.

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Author profiles

Create complete author profiles for all of your blog authors to include name, image, and even a bio or a full author page if you want to.

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Publishing date and scheduling

You can show the publish date for all of your blog posts as well as schedule blog posts to go live on certain days - down to the minute.

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Comment section

Build your own or integrate an external service to allow for feedback, comments, and discussions on your posts and pages.

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Categories and tags

Make a structured and sorted blog universe by using blog categories and tags.

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Guest author access

Do you want to give access to guest authors? With the flexible and customizable user roles, you can invite guest authors to your blog with defined permissions.

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Hosting features (paid plans)

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Cloud hosting

Umbraco Cloud offers the best of Microsoft Azure combined with a wide range of Umbraco-specific features and services to help you hit the ground running and to keep up the pace.

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Automated upgrades

In Umbraco Cloud, automatic upgrades mean you'll always have the latest bug and security fixes on your website without lifting a finger, making your work simpler, worry-free, and more delightful.

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Automatic HTTPS/TLS

That tiny little lock in the browser is imperative these days. You get it by having a valid certificate for your site. On Umbraco Cloud, this is completely automated. We take care of creating and renewing your certificates - for free!

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Hosting SLA

By combining the power of Microsoft Azure, Cloudflare, and our Umbraco expertise, you get a solid infrastructure as well as secure and up-to-date installations to help protect and keep your online business, well, online. 

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Flexible environments

A project on Umbraco Cloud can consist of one or more environments and you have full control over adding and removing these on a project. It’s literally as easy as clicking a button.

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One-click deployment

Deploying code and configuration, what we call schema, between environments is easy and hassle-free. When you’re happy with your changes you simply send these to the next environment with the click of a button - and it’s the same for going live. 

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Prioritized resources

Umbraco Clouds offers multiple tiers and the option to add additional, prioritized resources for those moments when you need a bit of headroom to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Dedicated hosting

On top of our scalable Cloud setup with optional prioritized resources, we also offer completely dedicated servers, if that’s what you need.

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Simple project management

Umbraco Cloud makes it possible to keep all your Umbraco projects in one place and manage access, permissions, deployments, and much more with a simple, intuitive, and powerful interface.

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Support features (paid plans)

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Live chat support

Our world-class support team can be reached via the integrated chat support on Umbraco Cloud and we’re even there to answer your questions on the homepage. 

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1-on-1 consultations

Sometimes a good talk face-to-face (virtually or not) can make a huge difference. We offer Architectural Advisement and Code Reviews from the people that develop Umbraco to help you get off to a great start and ensure the final product is performant and secure. 

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Guaranteed response time

For business-critical sites or crucial points in project development, it can be beneficial to know when you‘ll get the help you need. We offer several different tiers of support and guaranteed response time.

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Flexible pricing

If you need support, we’d love to help you. But what if you have custom needs for response time or the number of sites you need to be supported? Then we’re flexible and can build a custom support plan for you.

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Dedicated account manager

Whether you’re a partner or support client, we want to make it easy and comfortable to get in contact with us and ensure you get the most out of your agreement.

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Personal onboarding

You should get the most out of what you pay for and we’ll make sure you know all the ins and outs of how to get in touch with us, give feedback, and ask questions. 

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Bug fix warranty

Encountering critical bugs can be a show-stopper - that’s why we offer a bugfix warranty, so you can rest assured that your concerns will be investigated and fixed if needed.

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On-call backup-team

Sometimes it’s good to have a lifeline. Especially when you’re launching that big new feature or publishing financial papers. That’s where the Umbraco HQ backup team comes into play. 

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Issue Escalation

As a Umbraco Enterprise customer, you get special treatment. Our best SLA, our highest priority and attention and you even get the ability to escalate an issue based on the level of its severity.

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One of the biggest benefits of using Umbraco is that we have the friendliest Open Source community on this planet. A community that's incredibly pro-active, extremely talented and helpful.

If you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, chances are that someone has already built it. And if you have a question, are looking for documentation or need friendly advice, go ahead and ask on the community forums.