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Umbraco 8 to 9 Bridging Courses

Close your knowledge gap in the fastest and most cost-effective way

Bridging courses for Umbraco 9 coming in 2022 ūüöÄ

The first generation of Umbraco to run on .NET 5 and ASP.NET Core is here! To help you build better-performing, more scalable, and easily customizable websites, the new technology may also call for a new skill set. 

All training courses are being updated for version 9 in 2022, but bridging courses will be available for 4 specific courses with significant Umbraco 8 to 9 changes. If you've completed one or more of these 4 courses you're eligible to buy and go on the related bridging course - saving you tons of time and money.

The following 4 bridging courses are coming soon*:

  • Bridging: Umbraco, MVC, and Visual Studio (‚ā¨200)

  • Bridging:¬†Umbraco Application Integration¬†(‚ā¨200)

  • Bridging:¬†Security in Umbraco¬†(‚ā¨200)

  • Bridging:¬†Umbraco Load Balancing¬†(‚ā¨200)

*All courses will become available on-demand in January 2022

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Start making plans to skill up!

Please be aware that the bridging courses will only be available through the end of 2022. This coincides with the way Umbraco certifications are changing in 2022 - please see the FAQbelow and read more about the future of certifications in Umbraco.

The smartest way to upgrade your skills

Our calendar is full of training dates through March 2022!

  • If you book a relevant training for 2021, you will receive the corresponding bridging course for free when available in 2022.
  • If you book a relevant training for 2022, your course will be updated for Umbraco 9 and no bridging course is necessary.
  • If you simply need a bridging course to bridge the gap for the Umbraco 8 skills you already have, watch this space!¬†

Faster, on-demand, and at a fraction of the cost 

These are the top 4 reasons for signing up for the bridging courses: 

  • It's faster: each course only lasts between 1.5 - 3 hours as they focus on teaching you the critical gaps between your Umbraco 8 and Umbraco 9 knowledge.

  • It's available on-demand: the bridging courses are recorded video tutorials. This means you can watch, learn, and get certified in Umbraco 9 whenever and wherever it suits you (while courses are available in 2022).

  • It's cost-effective: regular Umbraco 9 training courses are priced between ‚ā¨1000-‚ā¨1200. The bridging courses only cost ‚ā¨200!

  • It saves you time and money now AND in the future: as of 2022, certifications are valid for 24 months. If you make sure to upgrade your certification to Umbraco 9, you'll only need to take the "certification test" in the future when you want to renew your certification status - saving you both plenty of money and time!¬†
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"If the bridging courses are shorter and cheaper, do I still get the same knowledge as in a regular course? ūü§Ē"

Yes - guaranteed. 

The bridging courses are put together by Umbraco specialists and friendly trainers Gabriel, Rheannon, and Jakob - you might have had them as a trainer in one of our highly acclaimed courses! 

No one knows the gaps between Umbraco 8 and 9 better than this trio. They're making sure that all bridging courses update you on the new best practices - updated dependencies, changes to configuration - and enable you to implement your knowledge in the Umbraco CMS you've grown to know and love in equivalent Umbraco 8 courses.

After passing the bridging course, your certification for that specific course will be updated to Umbraco 9 and be valid for 24 months. 

Who can buy the bridging courses? 

If you've completed one of the 4 courses in Umbraco 8, you are eligible to buy and go on the related bridging course(s).

All bridging courses will be available on-demand to watch at your leisure at a fraction of the time commitment. You will need to take and pass the certification test to complete that course.

Please be aware that the buyer of the bridging course needs to be the same person going on the bridging course (same name + email as your developer profile). If that's not possible, e.g. you are buying for a group of developers, simply buy the course(s) and reach out to us with the names and emails matching the developer profiles of those who need to go on the courses you've bought. 

A Bridging Course Bundle will be available soon for those who need multiple courses or want to certify a team of developers.


For how long will the bridging courses be available? 

You have to buy and pass the bridging courses by December 31, 2022. Following this date, the bridging courses will no longer be available.


I'm an Umbraco 8-certified developer - what should I know?

Under our new structure for certification status', currently certified Umbraco 8 developers keep their points and certified status until August 1st, 2023. If you don't upgrade your certification to Umbraco 9 within that time - with or without bridging courses - you'll have to take a regular Umbraco 9 course in order to upgrade your skillset and your qualifications (you know, those full 1-day courses that cost between ‚ā¨1000-‚ā¨1200).


How do bridging courses work?

The bridging courses are recorded video tutorials, so you can watch them whenever and wherever. After purchase, you'll be given access to the bridging course that you've bought on our dedicated Umbraco video tutorial site: Umbraco.tv. You'll also receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to sign in, view the course, and take the test. Follow these instructions, and soon you can call yourself an Umbraco 9-certified developer! ūüéČ

Stay tuned for updates...

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