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A year of stories: 2021's uProfiles

Let's take a look at all of the friendly faces and talented Umbracians who featured on uProfile this year!

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Written by Shanice Dougan

2021 has drawn to a close in the blink of an eye, so let's look back at some of the best parts of this year. For us, we've loved sharing the stories of these 12 Community members, so we hope you'll enjoy revisiting them along with us!

This year we met 12 incredible people from all over the world: from Wales to Indonesia, the Netherlands to Ukraine, to the US. with years of experience with Umbraco ranging from 18 months to 11 years!

From Apprentices, to Team Leads, to Business Managers, CTOs, and a Director of Software Engineering - the Umbraco Community truly is a place for everyone ♥

And they love giving back to. In fact, 5 uProfilers made their first contribution this year!


Let's revisit these 12 amazing Umbracians with their unique stories:

Gogo is eating at a restaurant, but has stopped to smile at the camera.

Gogo Magnus

Apprentice Developer Gogo is already running sites on Umbraco and even managed a tricky migration. What has the Community meant to him?

Read Gogo's story

Ayu is standing straight and smiling at us. She wears a bright yellow jumper.

Ayu Laksmita

It's been a "challenging and exciting" first year working with Umbraco for web developer Ayu. Clearly, there's much more excitement to come!

Read Ayu's story

Lynne Finnigan, woman sitting at table with her head down, reading at a book.

Lynne Finnigan

Lead Frontend Developer Lynne has 6 years of Umbraco under her belt, and as of last year - an Umbraco package to her name!

Read Lynne's story

Sarah Howarth Uprofile 594X600 Crop

Sarah Howarth

Sarah isn't just a Business Manager, she's the gatherer of Welsh Umbracians at UmbraCymru. What has she learned in 5-6 years working with Umbraco?

Read Sarah's story

Sian Simms Profile 450X600

Sian Simms

The certifications are piling up for this Frontend Development Team Lead. Sian has 9 years behind her, but what's in front of her? Spoiler: she joined the Backoffice Community Team!

Read Sian's story

Andrey Profile Cropped

Andrey Karandashov

After 4 years of developing with Umbraco, Andrey made a mug-nificent entrance to Twitter just this year. Where will his ambition take him? 

Read Andrey's story

Nurhak Kaya Profile Cropped

Nurhak Kaya

Nurhak is the embodiment of the knowledge-sharing attitude that makes the Umbraco Community so special. See what you can learn from this Bağlama-playing Senior Software Developer. 

Read Nurhak's story

Profile (1)

Bianca Urholmen

How does 18 months working with Umbraco look? Bianca shares a reflective look back at her Umbraco journey so far, and the excitement ahead. 

Read Bianca's story

Mike Allen Profile Photo.Jpg

Mike Allen

Principal Software Engineer turned Director of Software Engineering in the US of A, Mike Allen is excited to share and pass on his Umbraco experience to new developers at the start of their own journey.

Read Mike's story

Laura Neto Profile 500X550

Laura Neto

Portuguese .NET Developer Laura is making Umbraco 9-sized waves. Attending DUUGFest got her attention, but contributing to Umbraco 9 got her hooked. 

Read Laura's story

Ibrahim Nada Cropped

Ibrahim Nada

Gamer, Umbraco lover and Senior .NET developer. Ibrahim reflects on 5 years of developing Umbraco sites, and his current Blockchain Cloud project.

Read Ibrahim's story

Carl Sagunar Cropped

Carl Sargunar

From Skrift & 24 Days in Umbraco, to speaking at Codegarden and getting MVP, it’s been an exciting 2021 for Carl Sargunar! Get to know Carl (and his Raspberry Pi).

Read Carl's story

And remember, if you know someone who you deserves some spotlight on their Umbraco journey or the difference they make in the Umbraco community, here's how to nominate a uProfile candidate 🙌


See you in 2022!

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