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Coding Class at Umbraco HQ

An amazing visit from 16 future coders 🖥️

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Written by Trine Nissen

We recently had a very special visit here at Umbraco HQ 💗 A whole school class of brilliant 12-year-olds joined us and showed us their coding skills 💪 The 16 students from Højby Skole dived into the mysterious world of coding and, in just one week, they created their very own games and marketing plans 🤩 How cool is that? 👏

Three really lucky HQ’ers, Trine, Kristian, and Morten got to check out the games which the kids had created from scratch. Trine is here to tell you all about it:

What happens when 16 future coders enter Umbraco HQ? ✨

It was 9 a.m. on a very normal workday when 16 enthusiastic students got off the bus and walked into Umbraco HQ. Morten, Kristian and I were waiting for them by the entrance, and couldn’t wait to greet them and show them around the office. 

The kids literally loved the building! They thought it’s very homey and cosy. And you can imagine their impression when they entered the room (well, it's a museum really) with the old engine machines 🤩 A true excitement overload!

But what did they like the most? Well, they did appear to like everything, but they really seemed to appreciate the unicorns and the other stuffed animals placed all around the building 🦄

After the exciting office tour, we led the young students to ''Beetroot'' - which is both our lunch and meeting room. That’s where each group presented their games, the idea behind it, as well as their marketing plan. Let’s just say that it was way better than we expected! Really impressive results for 12-year-olds 😄 

The developers, Morten and Kristian, were giving feedback to each team right after their presentation.

Coding class has been a great learning experience 🤓

The kids got to learn a lot during the coding week, from coding to marketing and teamwork. But the most surprising thing for them was the realization that computer games are actually not that easy to create. According to the kids: ''When you play a simple computer game, you might think that it’s probably not that difficult to code. However, after trying to create a game yourself you realize that it takes time, effort, and patience to make it work.''

The kids shared with us that they really enjoyed the coding week. They thought it was very fun, and that it was nice to try something different at school. Several of them are even thinking about working with coding and computers when they grow up! 😍

Will they be the future Umbracians? Only time will tell 😉


''The visit to Umbraco HQ has been the perfect end to this project. Our hosts at Umbraco were both very well prepared and super friendly towards the kids and their games. Overall, an awesome experience!''

- Dan Sommer Andersen, teacher at Højby Skole

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