Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Issue tracker cleanup

Some of these issues date back to the old CodePlex days and tons of them are simply no longer relevant or have already been resolved in various ways. We won't be permanently deleting these issues so if you feel like an issue is still relevant and it gets closed, please feel free to re-open it and any new information to it that you think might help in getting the issue resolved. If you were subscribed to an issue that gets closed you will receive the normal emails that YouTrack sends out.

This is the criteria used to closed old issues:

  • Last updated date before 01/01/2016
  • It's state is Unresolved
  • No "Due in version" assigned
  • No Pull Requests attached
  • Not tagged

This means we will clean up 2235 issues on the tracker! 

The cleanup will be scheduled for June 21 @ 10:00 GMT

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