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The Developer Nation Survey 2021

Written by Ilham Boulghallat

Each year, the analyst firm, SlashData, surveys over 36,000 developers across 165+ countries in order to explore trends and understand developer experiences across platforms, languages, revenue models, tools, segments, and regions. This year, Umbraco has partnered with SlashData to bring more awareness around the Developer Nation Survey. A partnership that will help us learn more about the structure and needs of the Umbraco community, compared to the global developer community. We invite you to share with us your input by taking the survey!

What the survey covers

The Developer Nation survey is an independent survey for everyone who builds software: professional developers, students, hobbyists, as well as no-code creators. 

The survey tracks key trends in several development areas, and asks questions about tools, platforms, languages, technologies, and more in order to understand the upcoming trends in the developer ecosystem.

The questions are not just about the “what”, but also about the “how” and the “why”: why you got into development to begin with, what type of projects you’re working on, if and how you’re building a business around software development, and more. 


Take the survey


The survey in brief

Survey dates: Open until August 4th, 2021

Relevance: professionals, hobbyists, student developers, no code software creators

Areas / Sectors: Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, Industrial IoT, Consumer Electronics, Embedded software, AR & VR, Apps/extensions for 3rd-party ecosystems, Games, Machine Learning & AI, and Data Science!

Localization: Available in 9 languages

Length: The survey is quite thorough and can take up to 27 minutes. You can pause the survey and continue later where you left off.

Prizes: $17,000+ worth of prizes available in prize draws. Completing the survey gives access to a virtual goody bag with free resources.

Donations: For every qualified response by the community, Umbraco will plant a tree and SlashData will donate $0.10 to a good cause within the developer world. 


Make an impact on the developer ecosystem


The survey results

The annual report presenting the survey results will be made available, by SlashData, to everyone for free. Depending on the number of responses that are submitted by the Umbraco community, we will be able to share with you an additional report that focuses on the Umbraco audience compared to the global developer ecosystem. Help us reach at least 300 responses to make that happen. 


About SlashData 

SlashData Ltd is a UK-based analyst firm with a mission to help the world understand and support developers.

SlashData research data and insights come from their flagship, Developer Economics, an independent survey. This means that the surveys and data are not owned by a vendor, community, or partner.

The survey respondents come from several developer communities and through 60 different outreach channels. This ensures that the results are not biased towards the mindset of a single community or a specific geographic location. The respondents range from student communities to professional developer forums and from small local communities (such as Meetups in Kenya) to large vendor communities (such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Intel).

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