Contributing Gold Partner

The Contributing Gold Partner badge shines a well-deserved light on the Gold Partners that go the extra mile for the continuing growth of the Umbraco open-source project and its community.

Choosing a Gold Partner with this badge means that you're working with a close partner of ours who's actively helping us improve the software and/or helping us foster the open-source Umbraco community.

Those who do so get this shiny badge to show off on their Gold Partner profile on the Umbraco website, plus their own online media. 

Contributing Partner Badge White Gold 2021

What does a Contributing Gold Partner do?

As a Contributing Gold Partner you would be contributing significantly, or allowing and encouraging staff to contribute significantly, one or more of the below:

  • Making documentation
  • Core PR
  • Other Umbraco products or technologies relevant to Umbraco 
  • Packages
  • Tutorials/YT videos
  • Supporting current and potential future MVPs
  • Organizing Meetups
  • Organizing Festivals
  • Organizing events and hackathons
  • Running Community initiatives and projects (see examples

The finer details

  • These contributions should be made over the period of the last two years
  • The badge is awarded (renewed) once a year, is valid for a one-year period, and is announced in a blog post on
  • The badge comes with a year e.g. 2021 and reflects the work done the previous 12 months.
  • Only Gold Partners allocating “agency time” are eligible for the badge
  • Core PR and packages should be updated and be relevant for the current major version

To become a Contributing Gold Partner, or for support on meeting the above requirements, please reach out to your Partner Manager.

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