Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Biggest Release Week Ever: 3 Umbraco upgrades

TL;DR: We just released a better Umbraco future with 3 very handy, colourful and powerful upgrades:



Try them all out, for free, in Umbraco Cloud right now.


Or have a read first and figure out exactly what you can start enjoying, TC;MR (Too Cool, Must Read):  


Umbraco 7.6: New colors, better content pickers, more secure and easier to get started

The above is the short summary of one hundred and forty three tasks - done. That’s a lot. But what’s immediately noticeable is the friendly colors that’ll now be a part of everything we do. The new look and feel will not only make the back office feel warmer but also help with usability as both primary and secondary call to actions will stand out.


We’ve also made the content pickers easier to use and made sure that they finally work perfectly with the popular list view feature.


New colors, new content picker and better list view picker, all in one screenshot!

For people new to Umbraco, we’ve given an overhaul to the built-in template and script editors. This work is a direct result of last years Codegarden retreat where we gathered about twenty people from the community to - among other things - build prototypes on how we can flatten the learning curve of Umbraco.


 The new template editor helps you with common tasks

Under the hood you’ll find performance and security enhancements as well as engine improvements originally scheduled for Umbraco 8.


All in all, Umbraco 7.6 is a major minor upgrade.


Umbraco Forms 6.0: Hello skinning and goodbye XSLT mails

Our popular tool for making great forms has been given a big overhaul as well. While the last major update was focused on making it better for editors, this update is now making sure that it’s a joy to use for developers and designers.


We’re introducing a new skinning feature that makes it easier and more flexible than ever to customise the markup generated and we’re also - finally - ditching XSLT as the language used when generating feedback mails and replacing it with the same Razor based templates that you’re used to.

Forms 6.0 

Umbraco Forms 6.0 in action.

Introducing Umbraco Deploy

A huge benefit for us - and YOU! - in running Umbraco Cloud, is that we get a great insight into how sites are structured, built and maintained.


Over the last eighteen months we’ve been working on a deployment product that is not only fast and secure, but also takes into account how Umbraco sites are built in reality. That means an engine that supports the creativity in both big and small Umbraco implementations as well as the most popular packages.


Umbraco Deploy - the powerful engine that will make deployment simpler and faster in Umbraco Cloud. 


Imagine getting the knowledge from more than 25,000 unique Umbraco deploys distilled into a single button. That’s “Umbraco Deploy” and that’s the new engine powering Umbraco Cloud.


Get access to all this in 30 seconds!

You might think all of this is a big mouthful, but we’ve made it very easy for you to use all of this today. Go to the umbraco.com frontpage and spend just 30 seconds signing up for a free Umbraco Cloud trial. Then you’re up and running with the Umbraco Future - a faster, easier and more beautiful compilation of Umbraco CMS, Umbraco Forms and the best deployment engine in the CMS world.


If you’re already on Umbraco Cloud, and you want to be upgraded to 7.6, reach out to the support-heroes and they will get you going.

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