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Day 1 of Codegarden 2018

What’s the first day of Codegarden all about? Take a peek at the themes, speakers, workshops and more.

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Written by Kristina Liebute

In just a little over two months Codegarden will shake the Umbraco community! Today we’re giving you a peek into what will go down on 23rd of May, the very first day of CG18. It is going to be a fantastic day for everyone - including the less-technical Umbraco audience. It is a day filled with quality business sessions, top-notch speakers and 2 free hands-on workshops plus… 2 new exciting Codegarden concepts!

Be ready for inspiring, interesting and non-technical business sessions.

Codegarden isn’t just a conference for developers - because Umbraco isn’t just for developers. We want your entire business involved in the conversation on what Umbraco is, can and should be. So on day 1, the 23rd of May, you’ll find plenty of sessions dedicated to the business angle on everything Umbraco.

Crowd From The Top

This year Codegarden Day 1 sessions will cover themes such as:

  • Customer & Editors happiness. Talks on how to improve the editor experience in the back office of Umbraco.
  • Beyond web. A concept that’s rapidly becoming a buzzword in the Umbraco community - Umbraco Headless, among other talks that takes Umbraco beyond the web.
  • Scale. Tips on how to grow your business and improve your agency’s work. This includes inspiring and impressive Umbraco case studies.

Two free workshops!

...free for Codegarden ticket holders 😉 This time around, Codegarden Day 1 will be as busy as ever. We’ll hold two workshops with two very different angles. One that requires some code-savvy-ness, one that requires some business-savvy-ness.

Hack Your Own Site by Sebastiaan Janssen

Sebastiaan will teach you how to avoid the most common security mistakes people make when delivering websites.

When you're done with this workshop you'll know how to secure your site better than even most banks do these days. (This workshop is currently fully booked!)

Workshops Smaller

So you picked the right technology, now what? By Sara Redin

Sara will share hands-on tools to bridging the gap between developers, non-technical project stakeholders and creative teams.

Based on her own experiences, including a list of the “scariest quotes from 20+ years of digital projects” Sara will host an interactive session focusing on 3 key topics that have nothing to do with technology but everything to do with failure or success:

  • Governance and stakeholder communication
  • Bridging cultural gaps and aligning expectations
  • Project management practices that work regardless of methodology (Whether you do waterfall or Agile, the same fundamentals apply)

There’s a couple of seats still available on this workshop. What it takes for you to secure a spot? A Codegarden 2018 ticket and then hurry up and sign-up here.

Introducing: Hack Space and Lightning Talks Stage

These are two brand new treats not just for Day 1, but for the whole Codegarden 😍

Hack Space

During Codegarden lots of great conversations happen and ideas are shared. Sometimes the ideas are so obvious that it would be easy to make them happen. Sometimes diverse people come together and could test a prototype together.


Sometimes now is just the perfect time to finally play with Umbraco Cloud.

Sometimes inspiration hits you and you get the feeling that you could build *that* package.

And sometimes, work happens and you need a comfortable place to get it out of the way without breaking your back.

That’s what the Hack Space is. A place of laptops, whiteboards, post-its and plenty of power. At certain time slots there’s even HQ or community experts around to answer your back office customisation question, get you started on Umbraco Cloud or spare on an idea.

The Lightning Talks Stage

Perhaps it’s a talk about a package that is super relevant, but where a short and concise talk is a better match than a full 45 minute talk. Perhaps a subject that might be niche, but still relevant to an audience of fifty.

Perhaps someone who’d love to do a talk, but doesn’t have the experience and confidence of taking on a big stage and crowd.

Smaller Cg Shannon

That’s what the Lightning Talks Stage will be for: making room for talks that couldn’t fit the three main stages and for an impromptu space for ideas that happen during Codegarden.

10 amazing speakers - and more added every day

At the moment we have no less than 10 brilliant speakers confirmed for Day 1 of Codegarden (and 18 and counting in total!). Speakers that consist of a mixture of acclaimed keynote speakers, knowledgeable Umbraco HQ members and talented, dedicated and experienced community members. Below you’ll find a few of the Day 1 speakers:

Vitaly Friedman Cg18

Vitaly Friedman

Yes. The Co-founder and Editor-in-chief at Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman is coming back to Codegarden for another round. Last year his session was an absolute hit. This time Vitaly will introduce you to the Dirty Little Tricks From The Dark Corners of Front-End.

Deane Barker

The true web content management guru, Founder and Partner of Blend Interactive,  Deane Barker is coming back to Codegarden as well to give a talk on 7 Things We Know About Headless, and 3 Things We Don't.

Deane Barker
Gitte Karring Cg18

Gitte Karring

Project Manager at the 6th largest municipality in Denmark - Vejle Kommune, Gitte will talk about What makes an Umbraco editor happy – now and next year?

Niels Hartvig 

But of course! As usual, our Chief Unicorn Niels will be giving the conference keynote. Niels will present the state of Umbraco, along with the latest development of Umbraco CMS and Umbraco Cloud, and his vision of the future of the Umbraco Community.


Thomas Martinsen

The CEO of Blueframents, Thomas Martinsen has helped many companies get started with AI.  At Codegarden Thomas will introduce you to Intelligent Bots with Headless Umbraco.

Dave Woestenborghs

Well known in the Umbraco community (has been around version 3.0!), Lead Umbraco Developer at Colours, Dave will show you A Tour Of The Tour - how the new Umbraco tour functionality works and how you can build your own tours to provide your editors with contextual help.

Dave Woestenborghs 2

Umbraco Awards

This is a part during which you yourself may feel the spotlight on stage. Codegarden Day 1 will finish with the big Umbraco Awards show!

The Umbraco Awards is the annual event where we celebrate all the great solutions that are being built on Umbraco. So if you’ve submitted a cool Umbraco project of yours, it might end up as one the winners (psssst... there’s still a little time left to submit your best Umbraco work, you’ve got until April 5th!).

Pete Happiness

And that’s the fully-packed Day 1 of Codegarden 2018. Are you sure you want to miss out on all that? Remember, there’s even 2 more Umbraco packed days on top of that! 😉

The best part - we still got tickets. And if you hurry and buy today you are able to snatch yours with the last discount! So better:

Grab your discounted CG18 tickets >>

And start looking forward to Codegarden 2018 which, as you can see, will start with a massive bang on the 23rd of May!

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