Thursday, April 25, 2019

Umbraco 8 Bridging Course Update

Refresh my memory, which courses will have a bridging option?

As announced in the previous Bridging Course blog post, six of the current Umbraco 7 courses will each have an Umbraco 8 equivalent bridging course available:

  • Umbraco Fundamentals
  • Extending the Backoffice
  • Umbraco, MVC and Visual Studio
  • Application Integration
  • Searching and Indexing
  • Load Balancing in Umbraco

E.g. if you have already passed an Umbraco 7 Fundamentals course and an Umbraco 7 Searching and Indexing course you will be able to buy and take the equivalent bridging courses for these two courses.   

Each course is a condensed course that will only teach you all the new things to consider when going from Umbraco 7 to 8, and with each Bridging Course you complete, you get rewarded Umbraco 8 certification points.

So when will the Bridging Courses be available?

When we released the initial blog post introducing the Bridging Courses we wrote that they would become available by the end of April.

As excited as we are to get the Bridging Courses out there, we have to change the launch till the end of May 2019. This is simply because we want the quality of the Bridging Courses to be of a certain standard so you can get the best possible value and for that to happen, we need a little more time to do the final editing and polishing.  

If you want to be the very first to know when the Bridging Courses are here, sign-up below for the special “Bridging Course notice” and we’ll let you know the day they are released!

...One last refresher: Why is it a good idea to take the Bridging Courses? 

In short; it's cheaper, it's faster and then you get the same quality skills and official Umbraco 8 certification points as a full course.  

What will the Bridging Courses cost?

Each bridging course will cost between €300-€400 - a fraction of the price of a full course (regular courses: €1000 - €1200)! This is to encourage you to up your skills and certifications from Umbraco 7 to 8 sooner rather than later  - and, of course, to encourage you to start creating fantastic Umbraco 8 projects 😃

What’s the format?

Each bridging course will be available as a recorded step-by-step video tutorial. This way you decide when you have the time to up your needed skills. After completing the tutorial you’ll be able to complete a test which you will have to pass in order to gain your Umbraco 8 certification points.

Each bridging course will vary in length depending on the amount of changes made to the Umbraco 7 material. This will range from around 2 - 4 hours -  a lot faster than going on a full 1-day course.


This is all great to hear! Please add me to the list to be notified

If you would like to be the first to know about the Bridging Courses and when they are available, please fill out your name and email here:

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