Welcome to the family: Phases becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Meet our very first Indian Gold Partner

Phases has its offices spread out in India, Denmark and USA, but the Indian location is by far the biggest and the busiest. The agency’s founders have been working with Umbraco since 2005, so there’s surely no doubt about the expertise Phases has in Umbraco. And just to make matters even more marvelous, Phases was onboarded to the Gold Partner family during Codegarden this year… Not without confetti and champagne, of course 😉 Meet Phases:

Who we are

Hello everyone! We’re Phases 😊 Let’s start with our name! Well, “phases” originated from the idea of helping our clients’ companies move ahead and improve into the next “phases” of their business with the digital solutions we would help provide.

We have teams working in Denmark, India and USA, with the Indian team being the biggest in terms of employees. In total, we are now 87 dedicated employees that are focused on delivering high-quality solutions and provide an active response rate and support.

Our founder Daniel started working with Umbraco projects all the way back to 2005. He later met Ansar, our co-founder and CTO, who had worked with Umbraco since 2009, on Our Umbraco and together they started working as an Umbraco-focused digital agency.

We focus on driving digital efficiency and implementing logically feasible solutions to our clients. Our major business activities include business process consulting & optimization, application development, system integrations, CMS, workflow platforms, etc. We’ve worked with over 1000 clients internationally and continue to be passionate about always finding the best solutions for our clients.

Why Umbraco matters to us

The most significant objective of Phases as an organization is to provide easy-to-use and digitally efficient software solutions to customers. We found Umbraco to be the most user-friendly and logical CMS available.

Umbraco is suitable for any kind of web applications, it’s really flexible. We especially like that frontend HTMLs are not included on the CMS which would have been a hassle to work with.

Continuing the journey as a Gold Partner

We’ve been working with Umbraco for many years and have made a strong team of Umbraco developers in our Indian office.




”The success of Phases has been closely connected to the story of Umbraco’s development over the years and we’re excited to be even more involved in this narrative,” Daniel Horn, Founder, Phases

We have worked with projects in all sizes and complexities - webshop integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX & Microsoft Nav, Intranet document management system integrated with Citrix Podio, Webshops using TeaCommerce & uCommerce, nicely designed corporate & event websites, backend API solution for mobile apps, PIM solution, and many more.

All of this expertise and experience were a greatly rewarding journey and we couldn’t resist thinking about taking the relationship to the next level - becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner.

We were planning to get the gold partnership already in 2016, but it got delayed as there was no Umbraco certification training in India. Some of our developers visited Denmark and got certified and then, we proceeded with the gold certification.

Being a Gold Partner gives us easier access to knowledge from Umbraco HQ, higher trust from potential customers and new leads.

We are very happy to have been part of this magnificent journey with Umbraco! The success of Phases has been closely connected to the story of Umbraco’s development over the years and we’re excited to be even more involved in this narrative.

“It is such a pleasure to welcome onboard our very first Indian Gold Partner! Their expertise in Umbraco is undeniable and I look very much forward to our future collaborations.” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

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