Friday, December 20, 2019

New pricing on Umbraco Cloud

New pricing on Umbraco Cloud

It has been requested multiple times that we introduce a plan between the “Starter” and “Professional” plans in Umbraco Cloud. Now we can finally announce that it is happening. In this blog you can learn more about the pricing and release of the new plan.

New “middle” tier for Umbraco Cloud

On January 2nd, 2020, we are introducing a new Umbraco Cloud plan. The “Standard” plan. 

Based on feedback from our users, it’s been clear that a plan in between the Starter and the Professional has been a wish for many, both due to pricing reasons as well as available features/data limits.

And we completely agree. That’s why, starting 2020, we’ll have 4 Umbraco Cloud Plans: Starter, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. 

Along with the introduction of this new plan, we’ve revisited the current plans and updated them. The purpose of the update is to make it more clear which plan you should choose based on the requirements, needs and size of your project.

If you’re a web agency or in any way deal with selling to end-clients, this is also intended to help you in guiding them to which plan they should be on. 

New pricing for new Umbraco Cloud projects

The new changes also come with a price adjustment for the various plans. Starting from January 2nd 2020, the price for new projects will be as following:

Starter - €30 per month

Standard - €185 per month 

Professional - €500 per month

Enterprise - Custom agreement

For all existing projects currently running on Umbraco Cloud, these changes including features and pricing will be effective 1st of April 2020. We will provide more details to all project owners in Q1 2020.

The pricing page will be updated with full descriptions of the plans on from the 2nd of January 2020.

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