Monday, August 6, 2018

Sofie's Docs Diary Vol. 8: New docs, new team member and a new way of learning!

So, what’s new?

Even though it’s summer and many people have been away enjoying the sun and some well deserved time off, there has been a lot of activity on the Umbraco Documentation repository.

I’ve myself just come back after two weeks vacation, and boy what a wonderful surprise it was to head to Github and find that the documentation repository is simply overflowing with activity! Amazing work, people! #H5YR

So, what kind of PRs and updates are we actually talking about here? Well, let me give you a quick overview:

  • A bunch of grammar and typo fixes! 
    This might sound like nothing, but these kind of PRs are actually so important! We all want the documentation to be a smooth read, right? Typos might also lead to misunderstandings, so a big H5YR to all of you who's contributed!  


… And of course this is not all! There are still a bunch of open Pull Requests that we simply haven’t had time to look at yet. Don’t worry though! We - the Documentation Team - have a meeting this week to discuss all the latest activity!


Mentioning the meeting here, was actually not at all by coincidence. Why not? Well, it makes the transition into today’s biggest announcement really sleek - if I should say so myself:

Have you met Jesper?

As you might know, the Documentation Team has since February 2018, consisted of Sofie from Umbraco HQ (that’s me by the way 😉), Damiaan Peeters, Marc Goodson and Jeavon Leopold.

Documentation teamMe, Damiaan, "Marc" and Jeavon. 

From this month, Jesper Mayntzhusen (@JesperMayn) from Umbraco HQ is also joining the team. Haven’t met Jesper yet? Let me tell you a little bit about him:

Jesper joined Umbraco HQ in February 2018 as an intern in the support team, SWAT (Support Warriors and Troubleshooters). After three months of internship plus some months working part time, Jesper has as of this month now officially joined Umbraco HQ as a full-time employee.

JesperThe newest addition to the Documentation Team: Jesper ! 👏


He loves to test new features in our products and has a really good eye for troubleshooting and finding the root cause of any issue he meets as a Support Warrior. If you think that’s cool, wait till you hear this: Already two weeks after he started his internship he wrote his first full article for the Umbraco Documentation.

I mean… How awesome is that? Now he’s joining the Documentation Team, and we are all very excited to have him onboard.


Documentation - now also in a new format!

If you haven’t heard already, Umbraco HQ has put together a brand new team for Umbraco TV, and we’ve even started making video content for Youtube (you can read much more about this in this blogpost: New Umbraco.TV Crew)


TV CrewThe Umbraco TV crew: Gabriel, Morten and oh look, there's me again 😉


The reason I’m mentioning this here, is that I’ve started embedding these Youtube videos in the Umbraco Documentation.

We all have different ways of learning - some prefer following a thorough step-by-step guide and some prefer watching a video tutorial where you’re shown exactly what to do and when to do it. The great thing about embedding the Youtube videos into the documentation is that you can now easily choose which of the methods you prefer, without leaving the documentation on Our.


Not quite sure what I mean?

Have a look at this article: Working Locally with Umbraco Cloud. To learn how to work locally with an Umbraco Cloud project you have the option to watch a video tutorial, or you can skip it and instead go for the step-by-step guide.



Now: The latest docs numbers!

Docs numbers

The numbers of contributors has gone up by almost 10 since mid-June. Welcome and thank you! 🙌



That was it from me.


Keep up the good work and continue contributing to the Umbraco documentation.


Until next time.


- Sofie. 


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