Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The CG18 HQ aftermath


Are we the only ones thinking it’s a bit strange CG18 is over? Even sat contemplating “were there even a life before CG18?” 🤔


… there was, of course 😉 And there’s also a life after. An exciting one actually, based on all the new learnings, friendships and buzzing motivation that’s a well-known and loved side-effect of any Codegarden!


But hold on a second…

The CG18 vibe, it’s still there right? Maybe it’s turned into a CG18 blues… but it’s like a happy blues, right? How can you think back on CG18 and not smile!

CG18 high five!High-five greetings on the first day accompanied by the joyful organ grinder! 

And yes, now we are getting to the sentimental part because that special Codegarden feeling, that vibe, that atmosphere - a massive part of that is due to you - the attendee. The community.

We have already had so much positive feedback from attendees saying how amazed they are by the inclusiveness and the openness among the attendees - new as well as seasoned ones.

For some it’s not easy to be in a room with hundreds of strangers, but for some reason, at Codegarden there’s room to open up and push yourself a bit. A push that turns out to be super rewarding.

H5YRYou can almost hear the H5YR shout, right? Chills!

Thank you and H5YR for being a part of it all. For participation, for pushing yourself, for being friendly ❤️

This is a big part of what makes Codegarden “a conference like no other”.


Thanks from the marvelous CG18 organisers!

(Yes, after watching Marvelous Mosell, marvelous has become my new favourite word 😉)

All of HQ was involved in making CG18 happen. It’s hard work, but oh so rewarding and fun.

3 people did pull some (tons!) extra weight though, and they’d like to give a special thanks:

Not only does her job as the UCEO ensure that the community and Umbraco HQ gets closer. She also played a key role in putting the entire CG18 schedule together, reaching out to speakers, ensuring that CG17 feedback was heard - the list goes on and on... H5Y(really!)R, Ilham:


CG18 was a great experience for me, as I helped for the very first time with the organization. I want to say a big thank you and #h5yr to all the amazing CG18 speakers for their time and great sessions. And a big #h5yr to Callum Whyte and Marcin Zajkowski for the great umbraCoffee daily sessions.

- Ilham Boulghallat

Ilham on the far right. Here together with all the amazing Umbraco retreat women!

The new design of the venue has gotten so much praise. So has the food. Who arranged all these highly important practicalities (including getting hold of tree logs, making sure there was an organ grinder as well as a boat)? You might know him as Sea Bass by now, but his name is Poul and boy, does he make things happen:

Poul CG18

The man with the shades. Poul aka Mr. Sea Bass

For CG18 we had expanded the venue. A quite significant change to the previous years. This also meant that we had to change some logistics in the hopes that the attendees would have an even greater experience. It was my clear impression that this was a success! And by the way, even though I’m super tired after a successful Codegarden - I’d do it all over again!  Everything went so smoothly and people were so happy! 😃”

- Poul Anders Lerche Jensen

Now, to the raisin at the end of the sausage; a man who made sure we all had gunpowder in the ass during bingo, the man who arranged the CG18 retreat, was a very helpful sidekick to Ilham, and delivered an impressive and inspiring opening keynote; Mr Chief Unicorn:

Niels at CG18Niels giving is inspiring keynote at CG18

They say that third time's the charm and WOW, the third Codegarden in Odense was not just a charm, but a BLAST.

Incredible lineup of speakers, fantastic weather and a really beautiful venue. Of course that's just the form -  at Umbraco we're all about the content and that was even better. The sessions were well-prepared and very diverse so were the parties and the community really stepped up and were as passionate and participating as one could only have hoped for.

It's hard to imagine where to go next, so for the first time ever I'm not (immediately) busy chasing the next big thing but instead really enjoying the moment and letting all the impressions sink in.

High five you rock, community!"

- Niels Hartvig

The CG18 blues-cure

We’ve got 3 tips for you which will make your CG18 smile last a bit longer:

1. Go on Twitter and look up the #CG18 hashtag (maybe even add some new Umbraco friends to your list while you're at it). We’ve been so overwhelmed by all the lovely feedback, the stories, the pictures, the sketches - here’s a tiny sample of it all:







2.  Pictures are up! Another HQ’er who you might have seen running around with a camera all week, is the marvelous Kristina ! She has made sure all the pictures are now ready for you to enjoy - and wow, do you look good!

And videos are up!
Go watch all the talks you missed, or rewatch the ones you thought were so good, you just HAVE to watch them one more time 

3. Finally, the best cure for the CG18 blues is securing your CG19 ticket!

Not only does that mean you know for sure you are going to experience Codegarden again, even start counting the days, you also get your ticket at a price that’s as cheap as it gets. 

Only €500 for a full CG19 ticket if you buy before the 15th of June. And with the buzz still going, all your new ideas floating, now is also the best time to convince your boss that sending you off to CG19 is well worth the investment! 




To sum up; H5YR 🙏 - we hope you had a blast at CG18 just like we did. And then we really hope to see you again for next year’s big Umbraco extravaganza, CG19 on the 22-24th of May 2019 😃

Love, hugs and high-fives,

- Umbraco HQ. 


Umbraco HQ

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