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Welcome to the Family: Cold Banana Studio becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

Meet Cold Banana Studio and find out why they pursued the partnership

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Cold Banana Studio. Our UK-based friends have been with Umbraco since version 4 and love it for its flexibility and scalability. Since their establishment, they have hit the ground running and decided to level up by becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner: "With Umbraco being our CMS of choice and as our projects are growing in size and complexity, a golden partnership was the natural next step to take." Take a seat and unravel their story:

Hi there! We’re Cold Banana Studio

Our company history is actually quite short. The company was established in the summer of 2015, but the brains behind Cold Banana Studio have many years of experience in the digital industry. Since then, the company has hit the ground running 🚀. 

We are a .NET specialist agency, with 15 employees located in Bournemouth and Manchester with our key CMS partner relationship being Umbraco.

Why we and our clients love it

We decided to work with Umbraco, as it’s a free open source CMS, and have stuck with it since then. In fact, we have been with Umbraco since version 4. 

What we love the most about Umbraco is the flexibility and scalability it offers. It’s a dream to work with when paired with the intuitive backend. This way, our customers can maintain their content easily, which makes Umbraco the perfect solution for us. 

Why did we pursue the golden partnership? 

Ever since the start of our business, we believed that Umbraco would be a core part of our business offering, and now it is. As soon as the opportunity to become a Gold Partner came, we jumped at it.

With Umbraco being our CMS of choice and as our projects are growing in size and complexity, a golden partnership was the natural next step to take. Our Gold level partnership means we can easily lean on Umbraco for additional support, as well as help shape what the Umbraco of tomorrow looks like. 

We are excited to see where we can take Umbraco implementations and where Umbraco can take us with our close partnership. 

"A big warm welcome hug! The talented people at Cold Banana are already top-of-game technical experts, and it makes me very happy that they are joining the Gold Partner family, enabling us to further support them on the many multi-country and technically complex projects they are building for major brands and partner agencies. What an asset to add to the family!"

- Mike Pedersen, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ


We’re excited about our new partnership with Cold Banana Studio and look forward to taking it to the next level ✨.

Are you curious about our newest family member? Visit Cold Banana Studio’s Gold Partner page.

As always, you can learn more about what it means to be an Umbraco Gold Partner if you're interested in becoming one.

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