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Welcome, welcome, welcome: Spindogs becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

"We began to see an increasing demand for Umbraco..."

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As more and more clients started requesting Umbraco CMS to build their sites, Spindogs soon realised that now is the best time to become an Umbraco Gold Partner and utilise the partnership’s benefits. Today, we’re introducing one of our newest Gold Partner family members, Cardiff-based Spindogs, to you! Here they are to tell you the rest:


We’re SpindogsA full-service specialist digital agency made up of 52 (and still growing). We’re highly trained, dedicated, technical and creative specialists  based in Cardiff and Oxford.

Focusing heavily on delivering great work and great value to our clients, we have worked hard to build a reputation as a “go-to” agency. We are “Your Digital Best Friend”.

To put it simply, websites are our business day in, day out. We design them, we build them, and then we work with our clients to get the best return for them. In fact, since we were established in 2004 we have built over 850 sites, ranging in size and budget, and worked with over 700  clients.

Why we love the friendly CMS

Our agency has been working with Umbraco for the past 4 years. It opens doors for expansion and growth with the central aim of keeping things simple. It’s easy to use for non-technical marketers, making it an excellent choice for our clients.

From the developer’s point of view, the large range of extension points Umbraco has means that custom integrations can be produced easily, be it a reporting dashboard, third party data integration, complete bespoke section, or a small property editor for giving editors a better experience.

“We decided to work with Umbraco because of the incredible flexibility. It gives our design team the scope to be imaginative with their creations, safe in the knowledge that the CMS will not get in the way of their vision during the build phase. In addition, the super friendly community and the availability of numerous quality add-ons make it a compelling choice for any application - you almost have to ask yourself: why wouldn’t you choose Umbraco as an open source solution?”

- Peter Johnson, Technical Director, Spindogs

Beyond the developer/code side, one of the great benefits of Umbraco is the community surrounding it; it’s welcoming to everyone, no matter how you use Umbraco, and that is what gives it its strength.

Umbraco being fully customisable in build and design means that we are able to create some really bespoke projects and have the freedom to cater to any request we have from our clients.

Clients were asking for Umbraco

For years we have prominently worked in PHP, however, we began to see an increase in  demand for Umbraco from clients who have had previous experience with the platform and loved the benefits and features it provided. We see becoming a Gold partner as an ideal solution to meet those needs.

Additionally, having built websites for prestigious organisations such as Monmouthshire Building Society and University of Oxford Department of Engineering Science, we realised that now is a great time to be an Umbraco Gold Partner and utilise many of the great support features that come with the name.

The value of being a Gold Partner

In the end, becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner was the natural next step for Spindogs. Having been Umbraco developers for a while, it was time for us to up our involvement and support the CMS that is helping us carve our own future. It is also a way to give back to Umbraco and support the company as it continues to make great leaps in improving the platform.

What do we look forward to the most? Having an input at the Gold Partner Summit, beta testing new CMS features and having a direct line to Umbraco HQ support. The latter means that our agency as a consequence will also be able to provide better support to our clients.

“Since Spindogs started using Umbraco, the company has grown at a rapid rate and has also become more involved with the community. Spindogs being Umbraco Gold Partner means a stronger and closer relationship, one where we can ensure proper assistance in their continued growth adventure. I look forward to an exciting partnership ahead! Welcome to the family.”

- Mike Pedersen, Partner Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ


Fancy a chat with Spindogs? Visit their Gold Partner page.

You can also learn more about what it means to be an Umbraco Gold Partner.

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