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Umbraco Heartcore is here!

This Christmas, we give you our Heart...core.

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Written by Rune Strand

Today, we’re extremely happy and proud to announce the launch of our headless CMS offering - Umbraco Heartcore. This new Software As A Service product opens the door to a world of exciting and diverse digital projects - while providing a well-structured and user-friendly experience at its core. What’s Heartcore all about? How do you take it for a spin? Let’s dive in:

From the Heart to anywhere - and anyone

Imagine being able to connect the highly praised Umbraco backoffice experience to any project, device, platform.. Frontend you need. 

That’s now a reality. 

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Being a headless CMS service with a RESTful API, you can provide content through Umbraco Heartcore to e.g. apps, smartwatches, screens, smart speakers... anything really! 

Maybe you’re a talented frontender at a design-focused web agency who don’t want to be restricted by a specific API? Or maybe you own a Taco restaurant and want a touch screen ordering set-up that’s simple and quick to update as you add new tasty burrito options to your menu? 

Whatever your ideas, needs and requirements, Umbraco Heartcore might be just perfect for you! Why?

What makes Heartcore...hardcore 🤘 and heartful 💙

Let’s be frank, we know Umbraco Heartcore is not the first headless CMS out there. But we also know that we offer something special - something that’s based on more than 15 years of experience when it comes to providing a friendly CMS. 

To perhaps put it a bit smugly; one of the main reasons for what makes Umbraco Heartcore stand out is the fact that we’re standing on the shoulders of… ourselves. 

Because by standing on our “own shoulders” we’re actually also standing on the shoulders of the hundreds of thousands of talented developers from our CMS community. People who’ve been using Umbraco every day and throughout the years have been testing, providing feedback and even helped us built what you’ll find in Umbraco Heartcore today. Thus, all the features you get are made for real-life projects of various scale and tested and built by real users, ensuring that editing content in Heartcore truly becomes a non-complicated, logical and delightful task.

Then there’s, of course, a lot of other very nice things:

  • Manage content in one place for multiple platforms. Need to update your menu with a new guacamole flavour? Need this new tasty guacamole text and image to go out to your website, app, touch screens etc.? No problem. Update the content in Heartcore and it’s available for all the platforms you’ve connected to the project. 

  • Code in your preferred language! No need to be “an Umbraco Developer” - it’s okay if you are though 😉. With a range of different client libraries, it won’t take you long to get started with your Heartcore project. No timely learning curve, no need for compromising. 

  • Keeping an overview with structured content. Umbraco is often praised for its ability for both developers and editors to easily structure content. By giving you the power to structure the content in a way that’s logical for you, you are able to update and add content in a fast and straightforward manner while remaining an overview of what’s going on where.

  • Managed API. With a managed API, your content, media etc. are automatically exposed via a REST API. This comes complete with CRUD capabilities and a built-in API browser. All taken care of and kept up to date as part of the service. 

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN). By getting CDN capabilities using Cloudflare, you get a stable platform as well as super fast delivery of your content to any frontend and users - wherever in the world they might be! 


Heartcore Dns

And that’s not even all. 

But more on that later, as there’s someone we’d like you to meet first. Someone(s) who’s already taken Heartcore for a spin: 

What others say about Heartcore

We’ve had people testing Umbraco Heartcore before the launch - both to make sure that everything was working as it should but also to give access to people who just knew they had a perfect project for this new headless offering and just couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. 

And we’ve asked a few of these about their experience and what they think about Heartcore so far: 

Carole Rennie Logan

On first logging in to the CMS, it just looks like the Umbraco we know and love. You can define your doctypes and content as always. I guess you won’t really notice the difference, til you want to actually see that content somewhere, this is where we need to implement Heartcore in a project. 

Carole Heartcore

So far I think Heartcore is pretty cool! For me, it’s power will be allowing Umbraco to reach users and developers outside the .Net ecosystem and I am super excited to see all the cool stuff people build with Heartcore!” Carole Rennie Logan, Development Team Lead at Equator.

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Emmanuel Tissera

“I've used Umbraco Heartcore since beta. The main drawcards for me were the familiar Umbraco back-office, creating content items in a tree structure and coding with .NET Core. In a nutshell, Heartcore means; happy marketers who reduce their time to market; happy editors who create content early-on; and happy developers who get to use the latest tech.” Emmanuel Tissera, Technical Lead at Luminary,

How to get your hands on Heartcore

Now it’s time for you to play. Luckily, we’ve made it quite simple to get started.

If you want to take Umbraco Heartcore for a spin before you buy, you can now go and take a free 14-day trial. No strings attached. 

If you want to go buy Heartcore straight away, we’ve also made sure to make that quite simple 😉 

On the Heartcore Pricing page, you find an overview of the plans we offer. We have 3 different plans ranging from €39 - €829, each equipped with features, support, number of available languages, data and storage limits etc. so you can pick the one that fits your project. If you’re working on a business-critical project or a project of a certain size, we also offer an Enterprise option where we are able to customize a plan to fit your exact needs and requirements. 

You are welcome to start on one plan and upgrade as your project evolves and further requirements, data limits etc. is needed.

How best to get started 

Almost ready to jump on that free trial? If you’ve got concerns about what to do first, where to find what etc. we’ve made sure to have resources ready for you so you get the best possible start with Heartcore. 

First of all, we recommend you take the Backoffice Tour which will pop-up in the backoffice as soon as you start your trial. This is especially helpful if you’re not used to working with Umbraco. 

We’ve also got Heartcore Documentation ready for you; API documentation, Getting Started guides, Client Libraries etc.  And more documentation is in the works (psst... remember, if you feel like there’s anything missing, either create it yourself 💪 or let the docs team know by creating an issue)

And finally, if you still have an unanswered question after reading this blog post (well done for getting this far btw 😉 ), then have a look at the dedicated Umbraco Heartcore FAQ.


Now, happy crafting! We can’t wait to see what hardcore Heartcore projects await 😃

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